PowerBlock Elite EXP Review: A Hands-On Analysis Of Their Most Affordable Model

PowerBlock Elite EXP review

Adjustable dumbbells have taken the home gym market by storm, and leading the way are the PowerBlocks. But are they overpriced weights or offer great value for money? This is a review of the PowerBlock Elite EXP.

Overall, PowerBlock dumbbells are extremely good dumbbells. They feature a lot of weight settings and are also some of the most durable adjustable dumbbells on the market. However, some models come with a premium price tag that may not be suitable for beginners.

Having tested the PowerBlock Elite EXP for just under 2 years, I can say it’s a great dumbbell.

Not only do you get access to PowerBlock technology, but the price is also affordable (the cheapest of all the PowerBlocks)

However, the Elite EXP does have some drawbacks as I’ll discuss below.

I tested the PowerBlock Elite EXP to find out how good they are.

Why You Can Trust This Powerblock Elite EXP Review

I’m a fitness enthusiast and home gym owner with over 10 years of weight lifting experience under my belt.

In those 10 years, I’ve trained at home and in commercial gyms.

As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to test many different types of dumbbells.

In a nutshell, I have a good idea of what’s good and what’s not!

I've tested other dumbbell types to compare with the PowerBlock Elite EXP.

I’ve tested the PowerBlock Elite EXP for just under 2 years.

In this time, I’ve been using them quite heavily on a 6-day bodybuilding-style training split.

I’ve subjected them to muscle-building bench presses, shoulder presses, squats, curls, tricep extensions, and most of the other dumbbell exercises!

Furthermore, I’ve also tested them in HIIT-style fat-burning workouts where the PowerBlocks get flung about in exercises like the clean to press.

During my tests, I’m reviewing the Powerblock Elite EXP durability, ease of use, comfort, and other performance factors (relative to competitors).

My reviews are based on hands-on testing and never compiled from other Amazon reviews!

PowerBlock Elite EXP Vs Competitors Summary

PowerBlock Elite EXP Key Points

For the guys/girls who want the info quick, here’s a brief review of the PowerBlock Elite EXP essential metrics:

Angled view of my PowerBlock Elites.
MetricScore (%)
Value For Money95
Ease of use90
Weight settings100
Overall score:93

PowerBlock Elite EXP Dumbbell Specs

Top view of my PowerBlock Elites.

Here’s a brief review of the PowerBlock Elite dumbbell specs:

Material:Black powder-coated steel weight plates, plastic composite handle cavity
Handle:38mm diameter, contoured, 4.7″ circumference, 4.9″ length
Grip material:Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) coating
Adjustment mechanism:Pin-selector
Maximum weight capacity:90lbs (with stage 2 and 3 addon kits)
Weight increments:2.5lbs and 5lbs
Number of weight settings:28 (with stage 2 and 3 addon kits)
Dimensions:Base model:
With stage 2 kit:
With stage 3 kit:
Warranty period:5 years

You can check the latest PowerBlock Elite EXP price here.

PowerBlock Elite EXP Pros and Cons Summary

PowerBlock Elite EXP handle and weights.

Here’s an overview of what I like and dislike about the PowerBlock Elite EXP:

What’s GoodWhat’s Bad
Maximum weight is the same as expensive competitors at a fraction of the price.Industrial block-shaped design is not the best-looking dumbbell on the market.
Pin selector is quick and easy to use and this saves time through faster workouts.Adder weight adjustment is cumbersome and leads to longer workouts.
Patented auto-lock adder weight technology allows 2.5lb micro loading which is great for smooth strength progression.Closed-handle design unsuitable for people with a fist diameter greater than 5.5″.
Compact nested weight design is comfortable in most exercises and allows for a good range of motion and heavier lifting.Plastic pin selector can snap if bent beyond its tensile capacity.
Handle provides a good amount of grip which increases safety and comfortNot the most comfortable dumbbell for leg raises.
Overall a very durable adjustable dumbbell that can last for years of heavy use.Weight chart takes a couple of weeks to get used to.
Replaces up to 28 pairs of dumbbells for a fully-functioning home gym.
Industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

Are The PowerBlock Elite EXP Worth It?

In my opinion, all of the PowerBlocks are very good dumbbells.

But don’t just take my word for it!

89% of Reddit also agree that PowerBlock dumbbells are generally worth the money.

And it just so happens that the Elite EXP is one of the best-value-for-money PowerBlocks currently available!

Reddit poll results showing if PowerBlocks are worth it.

So what is it about the PowerBlocks Elite EXP that makes them such good value?

First of all, they are fully adjustable.

And a good pair of adjustable dumbbells can save you a heap load of space and money by replacing multiple dumbbell weights.

Secondly, they are the cheapest model in the PowerBlock line-up.

But cost-alone is not always a good indicator for quality.

Why the PowerBlock Elite EXP is worth the money.

Whilst the Elite EXP may well be the lowest-priced PowerBlock, it still retains most of the features that make their bigger brothers so awesome:

  • Sturdy steel weight nest design.
  • Comfotable and grippy TRP-coated handle.
  • Expandability to 90lbs.
  • 2.5lb adder weight increments.
  • 5 year warranty.

All in all, the PowerBlock Elite EXP (link for the cheapest price) provides great value and is definitely worth it.

However, they do come with some drawbacks as you’d expect for such an affordable adjustable dumbbell.

Next, I’ll review the different aspects of the PowerBlock Elite EXP in more detail.

PowerBlock Elite EXP Value For Money

If I’m completely honest, I feel PowerBlock somewhat messed up their pricing strategy (in a good way for us the consumer).

I feel the PowerBlock Elite EXP should be more expensive than it currently is.


Comparing the PowerBlock Elite EXP vs Pro EXP, there’s not a whole lot of difference in features for the $150 price difference (you can check out my other post to find out how much Powerblock dumbbells cost)

Ok so the Pro EXP gives you the urethane-coated weight plates (which are awesome by the way), and you also get the PowerBlock barbell connectivity (a bit gimmicky in my opinion).

But that’s about it.

Many of us don’t actually NEED these features for an effective workout.

Reasons the PowerBlock Elite EXP is good value for money.

Additionally, comparing the PowerBlock Elite EXP vs Elite USA, you get even fewer differences for the $60 price difference.

The only notable difference is that the Elite USA has a straight handle which, OK, most experienced lifters would prefer.

But the handle on the Elite EXP isn’t exactly bad either (certainly not a deal-breaker).

Finally, the Bowflex 552s is the direct competitor to the Elite EXP.

And they cost $40 more than the Elite EXP with fewer weight settings!

So all in all, I would say the PowerBlock Elite EXP (link for the cheapest price) gives us great value for money relative to their internal and external competitors!

For a more detailed comparison, you can check out my other post which explains the differences between the PowerBlock models and which one is best.

PowerBlock Elite EXP Aesthetics Review

This is the area where I feel the Elite EXP falls hardest on.

I know that looks are a subjective metric, but let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly the prettiest adjustable dumbbell out there right?

The Elite EXP has a very industrial look; almost like PowerBlock wanted to make a no-frills dumbbell just to make their other models look better.

Black powder-coated paint on the PowerBlock elites are generally durable.

The Elites have a brick-shaped design fitting with the Powerblock name.

The edges are hard and sharp, and the steel is powder-coated in black paint.

In comparison, the PowerBlock Sports and Pros have a sleeker design with rounded edges that give the dumbbell an overall more modern look.

How durable is the black powder-coating?

Assuming you look after your Elite EXP with proper care, the powder-coating is durable.

Try scratching it with your nails and you’ll feel just how thick the paint later actually is.

You can also hit the PowerBlocks together and they won’t scratch or chip (although this is advised against by PowerBlock).

As hardwearing as the powder-coating is, it’s still not as durable as the urethane-coating on the PowerBlock Pros.

If you abuse the Elite EXPs enough, they WILL scratch, chip, and eventually rust.

PowerBlock Elites can damage your floors.

Additionally, I wouldn’t drag or drop these onto a hard floor.

Not because the PowerBlocks will become damaged, but because the floor may get damaged.

If you live in a house with hardwood or tiled floors, then the PowerBlock stand (link for cheapest price) may be a good investment.

Otherwise, you can do what I do and just be really careful in how you pick up and place the dumbbells onto the floor.

A yoga mat is also a cheap way to protect your floor.

How Easy Are The PowerBlock Elite EXP To Use?

All PowerBlocks are shipped out in pairs and come ready to use straight out of the box.

And the PowerBlock Elite EXP is no exception.

PowerBlock Elites do not require setup and can be used for a workout straight away.

Regarding the adjustment mechanism, I don’t feel the pin-selector mechanism is the most intuitive on the market.

Not because it’s hard to use.

But because you can’t really beat the simplicity of a dial-a-weight mechanism in the Bowflex dumbbells for example.

“Switching weights is a breeze [on the PowerBlock Elite EXP].”

Ssantokki, Amazon

The pin selector it’s not a nightmare to use (it’s actually very good).

It’s just not as easy to use as a simple dial system.

After a few weeks, changing weight on the PowerBlock Elite EXP becomes effortless and second nature.

How does the adjustment mechanism perform?

All PowerBlocks use the same pin-selection mechanism to adjust the weight.

You simply pull the pin out to disengage the mechanism and slide it into a rail to select a weight.

Here’s how long it takes to adjust the weight on the PowerBlock Elite vs its Bowflex competitor:

DumbbellTime To Adjust In 10lb IncrementTime To Adjust In 2.5lb Increment
PowerBlock Elite EXP<2 secs4-7 secs (depends on familiarity)
Bowflex 552< 2 secs<2 secs

Each rail represents a 10lb increment on the PowerBlock Elite EXP.

It takes less than 2 seconds to adjust weight in this manner.

PowerBlock Elite EXP weight settings.

You also have the option to micro load using the 2.5lb adder weight chrome inserts.

This is a defining and awesome feature on the PowerBlock dumbells.

Not many competitors allow you to adjust in such small increments. And this is beneficial for smooth strength progression (e.g. you can easily add 2.5lbs per week to quickly improve your bicep curl.

PowerBlock Elite EXP chrome adder weight inserts weigh 2.5lbs each.

The Elite EXP adder weights slide into the handle cavity just like all PowerBlocks.

An auto-lock switch then secures the adder weight, stops it from rattling, and prevents it from falling out of the handle.

The switch automatically locks because the upper rail forces it to flick up every time you insert the handle into the weight nest.

This is a handy feature that shaves milliseconds from the adder weight adjustment time (which adds up if you change the adder weight frequently).

How the PowerBlock Elite EXP auto-lock switch works.

The auto-lock is found only on all the modern EXP model PowerBlocks (not on the Elite USA).

Changing the weight in this manner takes around 4-5 seconds to complete.

That’s not exactly fast, but it’s a minor tradeoff for having access to the 2.5lb increments.

You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

PowerBlock Elite EXP color weight chart code.

Additionally, the weight chart which tells you what weight has been selected does take some time to get used to.

It’s not a big issue.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll remember what colors equal what weights.

If you’re interested in the Elite EXP, you can find the cheapest price here.

Weight Settings Review Of The PowerBlock Elite EXP

The PowerBlock Elite EXP base model goes from 2.5lbs to a maximum weight capacity of 50lbs.

This is achieved through 16 different weight settings which are some of the highest numbers of increments in all of the adjustable dumbbells currently on the market.

The Elite EXP can provide enough weight for most men and women to build muscle and lose fat at home.

Why are the PowerBlock Elite EXP weight settings so good?

A unique feature in PowerBlocks, including the Elites, is the ability to be upgraded.

The 50lb PowerBlock Elite EXP can be expanded to 70lbs and 90lbs using the stage 2 and stage 3 addon kits (respectively).

How to expand the PowerBlock Elites with the addon kits.

This is my absolute favorite thing about PowerBlock dumbbells.

It means you can start with the base model as a beginner, but also have the option to upgrade if and when you are ready.

This is a feature found on all EXP-model PowerBlocks.

It’s great to have the option to expand if needed, for a significantly cheaper price than most other options out there.”

Bhandari, Amazon.

As a result, you don’t have to fork out hundreds of bucks to purchase the heaviest adjustable dumbbell, but you also have the flexibility to do so in the future should you wish.

Therefore the PowerBlock Elite EXP is a great dumbbell for beginners, intermediates, and advanced lifters alike!

If you’re interested, you can find the cheapest Elite EXP price here.

Exercise Performance Review For The PowerBlock Elite EXP

This PowerBlock Elite EXP review wouldn’t be complete without an exercise analysis.

In other words how it feels during different movements:

ExercisePowerBlock PerformanceceReason
Bench pressGoodCompact shape allows the PowerBlock to be pressed straight up and be bought together at the top without crashing into each other.
Shoulder pressGoodCompact shape allows the PowerBlock to drop close to the shoulders and allow for a deep range of motion.
Bent-over rowGoodShort dumbbell length allows the PowerBlock to be used in different row variations without bumping into each other.
SquatGoodBlock-shaped design has multiple areas for you to grasp the dumbbell for optimum grip and squat performance.
Bicep curlsGoodCompact design means the PowerBlocks do not bump into each other when curling both sides simultaneously.
Lateral raiseGoodShort dumbbell length means the PowerBlocks can get as close to the knees as possible and achieve the maximum range of motion.
Sit-upsGoodLots of edges to clasp the PowerBlock close against the chest.
FlyesGoodCompact design allows for a full range of motion without the dumbbells bumping into each other.
Push-ups and renegade rowsGoodSolid construction and durable design can take most body weights.
Dumbbell pull-overOkUnconventional dumbbell shape means it cannot be clasped as securely as a traditional hex dumbbell.
Tricep extensionOkRail guards in the closed-handle design can be restrictive for people with large hands or thick wrists.
DeadliftOkFeet cannot slide under the dumbbell handle due to the block-shaped design and this prevents a compact deadlift starting position.
Leg raiseBadDifficult to securely clasp the block-shaped dumbbell between the feet.

Generally speaking, the PowerBlock Elite EXPhas a great shape for most of the popular exercises mentioned above.

It’s compact and has a short end-end length.

Exercises that work good with the PowerBlock Elite EXP dumbbells.
If you’re interested, I use the Flybird folding adjustable weight bench (you can find my full review here) with my PowerBlocks.

This means you can get a good range of movement (ROM) in most exercises. And this usually results in better muscle activation and a more effective workout.

The compact design also means the dumbbells rarely hit each other during an exercise like the bicep curl, which is an issue in bulkier dumbbells like the Bowflex.

Additionally, the block-shaped design, horizontal/vertical rails, and cavities provide a lot of areas for you to hold the dumbbell other than on the handle.

This is beneficial in exercises like the goblet squat and sit-up where you need to hold the dumbbell tight to the chest.

You can find the cheapest Elite EXP price here.

Why the PowerBlock Elite EXP shape can be bad:

PowerBlocks are generally very comfortable but can be slightly awkward to use in certain exercises. This includes the dumbbell pull-over, tricep extension, deadlift, and leg raise. Comfort in these exercises can be compromised by the shape of the PowerBlock dumbbell.

These movements usually require you to grip the PowerBlock in unorthodox ways.

Exercises that can feel awkward on the PowerBlock Elite EXP.

For example, you need to hold the dumbbell between the feet in the leg raise and use an off-center grip in the tricep extension and pull-over.

This is difficult due to the closed-handle design where the handle guards can get in the way.

Me doing a dumbbell deadlift with PowerBlock Elite.

Additionally, it’s impossible to replicate a traditional barbell deadlift using the PowerBlocks because you can’t slide your feet close to the handle (the weight plates physically prevent you from doing so).

With all this said, it’s still possible to vary your lifting position and grip to perform each exercise safely.

So whilst the PowerBlock Elite EXP may not be the best for these movements, it’s still possible to perform them.

If you’re interested, you can check out my other post for a full-body PowerBlock workout program!

Are The PowerBlock Elite EXP Comfortable To Use?

My comfort review of the PowerBlock Elite EXP can be broken down into 2 components:

  1. How comfortable is the PowerBlock shape overall?
  2. How comfortbale is the handle?

The block-shaped design of the PowerBlock Elite EXP might look awkward to use but it generally performs very well in most exercises (as explained in the above “exercise performance review”).

In fact, I’d say that the PowerBlocks are one of the most comfortable adjustable dumbbells out of all the ones I’ve tested (including the Bowflex, Core Home Fitness, and Flybird dumbbells).

One issue that some people have had with the PowerBlock Elite EXP is with the closed handle design.

Closed-handle design on PowerBlock Elites can be uncomfortable for people with big hands.

The closed-handle design is unique to the PowerBlock Elite USA/EXP.

It describes how the handle is encased with the foam-padded guard rails on either side.

PowerBlock featured this on their dumbbells to improve lifting ergonomics and provide wrist support for beginners.

But some people have complained that it does the opposite.

I’ve not had any problems with this myself, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

PowerBlock Elite EXP handle dimensions and TRP rubber material.

The handle itself has a good diameter of 38mm and a 4.7″ circumference.

It’s not too thick but not too thin either.

The contoured shape allows you to grip the handle quite comfortably.

And the TPR (thermoplastic rubber) has a resilient and tacky texture that provides ample grip.

Why the PowerBlock Elite EXP closed-handle can be bad:

Those who complained about PowerBlocks closed-handle design mention that it restricts the hands.

More specifically, the most common complaint is that the handle cavity is too small to comfortably fit the hands into.

[The PowerBlock Elite handles] make me feel like I’m putting my hand into a bear trap.

M00tpost, Reddit

As a result, those with large hands may find it quite uncomfortable to hold the PowerBlock Elite EXP.

Based on my research, it seems to be a problem only with people who have very large hands.

My clenched fists measure 4″ across and I have no issue with the closed-handle design.

But if your wrists measure more than 5.5″ across, I could see this being uncomfortable.

How Is The Durability?

As with all PowerBlocks, the Elite EXP features a steel rail design.

This consists of a central handle and a series of steel weight plates that nest into each other.

I personally love this design because it makes for an extremely sturdy dumbbell.

Unlike most of its competitors, you don’t have to worry about breaking your dumbbells by leaning your body weight on PowerBlocks (for example in a dumbbell push-up or renegade row).

I weigh 165lbs and these Elite EXPs take my weight without any issue at all.

I tested how durable the PowerBlock Elite EXP is.

The PowerBlock Elite EXP CAN also be dropped without being damaged (although I wouldn’t recommend you abuse them on purpose!).

In fact, PowerBlock will even repair your dumbbells if they are damaged from a drop within 12″ off the ground.

If you’re interested, you can get the cheapest PowerBlock price here.

Where the PowerBlock Elite EXP durability can be questionable:

One common durability complaint is with the polypropylene pin-selector.

I like [the PowerBlock Elite EXP], but for the price I wish [the pin] holding them together was not a piece of plastic”

Isidoro R, Amazon

The pin itself has a good degree of tensile strength (rated to the 500lbs which is 5x the weight of a PowerBlock).

It also emits a high-quality and satisfying magnetic “click” when it’s inserted into a rail

But I agree it would’ve been nice if the pin was made from metal.

PowerBlock Elite selector pin is durable.

This isn’t so much of a deal-breaker for the PowerBlock Elite EXP since they are so affordable anyway, but for the more expensive models, you can’t help but feel a bit cheated.

Speaking from experience, I wouldn’t say the pin is exactly flimsy.

But it would’ve definitely been better if it was made from metal rather than plastic.

You can check out my other post for more details on PowerBlock durability and how long you can expect them to last!

Are The Space-Savings Any Good?

The PowerBlock Elite EXP dimensions vary depending on which addon kits have been applied (if any).

The 50lb base model measures 11.75” x 6” x 6” (LxWxH) and accommodates 16 different weight settings.

Applying the addon kits will take it to a 16″ length without changing the width or height.

This is extremely compact when you consider that the Elite EXP crams up to 28 individual weight settings with the stage 3 addon.

PowerBlock Elite EXP dimensions.

All in all, the PowerBlock Elite EXP is an excellent space saver.

The dimensions are very similar to the other PowerBlocks (Sport and Pro), and much more compact than its Bowflex 552 competitor (you can find my PowerBlock Elite vs Bowflex 552 comparison here).

The nested weight design is one of the best things about the PowerBlock Elite EXP is

Since the weights fit into each other like a Russian doll, it means the dumbbell gets shorter as the weight decreases and vice versa.

PowerBlock Elite EXP weight plates.

This is exactly how traditional hex dumbbells are too.

As a result, the PowerBlock Elite EXP feels really natural to lift unlike some of its competitors like the Bowflex 552 which have the same length regardless of which weight setting you choose.

You can find the cheapest Powerblock Elite EXP price here.

PowerBlock Warranty Review

All PowerBlock dumbbells come with a 5-year limited warranty (not a lifetime warranty). The warranty covers manufacturing faults in the handle, weight plate, and selector pin. But it does not cover faults from normal wear and tear, abuse, and misuse.


When it comes to selectorized dumbbell warranties, PowerBlock has been paving the way for years and continues to do so.

Adjustable Dumbbell BrandWarranty
Core Home Fitness2-years

The PowerBlockElite EXP comes with a 5-year limited warranty. If the handle, weight plate, or selector pin breaks, then PowerBlock will replace the part for you free of charge.

However, they do charge for labor if applicable (as all adjustable dumbbell companies do).

Just for comparison, the Bowflex 552 competitor only has a 2-year limited warranty.

Additionally, PowerBlock does not charge to ship replacement parts (unlike a lot of other companies).

It’s important to note, however, that the warranty only applies to the original user and this needs to be registered within 30 days of purchasing your Elite EXP.

I’ve not had to use my warranty or even had to contact PowerBlock customer support.

But it’s nice to know they are there if needed.

All in all, the Powerblock Elite EXP warranty is fantastic and is exactly what you’d expect from a $300+ piece of equipment.

If you’re interested in the Elite EXP, you can get it delivered quickly and cheaply here.

PowerBlock Shipping Review

I bought my PowerBlock Elite EXP from Amazon.

They took just under 2 weeks and around $140 to ship to my Hong Kong address.

This isn’t bad at all considering how bulky dumbbells generally are.

Those of you living in North America can probably expect free shipping and even faster delivery.

How long and how much it costs to ship and deliver PowerBlock Elite.

One thing to note, however, is that the PowerBlock Elite EXP ships in 2 boxes.

The second box arrived with a 1-day lag. This isn’t uncommon as the parcels can become separated during the handling process.

But overall, there was nothing to complain about regarding shipping and delivery.

PowerBlock Elite EXP Competitor Comparison

This PowerBlock Elite EXP review wouldn’t be complete without a competitor comparison. So here it is, with reasons why you may and may not want to go with the Elite EXP:

  • PowerBlock Elite USA. If you prefer a thinner straight handle (feels more like a commerical gym dumbbell), then the PowerBlock Elite USA will be the better alternative to the Elite EXP. Additionally, the Elite USA’s are made in the USA for those who like to support that cause. For the majority of people though, the Elite EXP offers better value for money as it’s much cheaper! The Elite USA is also quite slow on delivery (takes 3-4 weeks).
  • Sport EXP. If you have really big hands (>5.5″), then the Sport series is better because it has an open-handle design (no handle guards). Otherwise the PowerBlock Sport EXP is essentially the same as the Elite EXP (main difference being the paint color and weight chart coding system). They are both very good value adjustable dumbbells.
  • Pro EXP. If you need the urethane-coated weight plates and barbell connectivity, then it may be worth the $150 premium for the PowerBlock Pro over the Elite EXP. Most people don’t need these features for home training applications. The Elite EXP is already very durable (if looked after properly) and the barbell connectivity is a bit gimmicky in my opinion.
  • Bowflex 552. This dumbbell is bulky, can’t be upgraded, and more expensive. In my opinion, the PowerBlock Elite EXP is the superior dumbbell. You can find my Bowflex 552 hands-on review here.
  • Bowflex 1090. For the same reasons mentioned above, I feel the PowerBlock ELite EXP with stage 2 and 3 addon kits are superior to the Bowflex 1090.

If you’re interested in the PowerBlock Elite EXP, you can get it delivered quickly and cheaply here!

Who The PowerBlock Elite EXP Dumbbell Is For

To cap off its PowerBlock Elite EXP review, here’s who the dumbbells and isn’t for:

The Elite EXP Is Great For:The Elite EXP Is Not Great For:
Casual lifters looking for an affordable, durable, and high-performance adjustable dumbbell for home workouts.Advanced powerlifters and bodybuilders who need more than 90lbs per dumbbell.
Beginner to advanced lifters looking to gain muscle, lose fat, and build an athletic-looking physique at home.Those with a clenched fist diameter greater than 5.5″ (go for the PowerBlock Sports instead).
Home gym owners who need a cost-effective way to replace up to 28 pairs of dumbbell weights.Home gym owners who need the durability of a fixed-weight hex dumbbell.
People with limited space for a home gym.


I’ve shared my hands-on PowerBlock Elite EXP review.

Overall, this is an excellent value-for-money adjustable dumbbell that packs a lot of features for a relatively affordable price tag.

The best thing about it is the insane number of weight settings it offers as well as the ability to be upgraded with the addon kits.

It’s also very durable and will likely last you for years.

However, the closed-handle design makes it unsuitable for people with large hands. And you can’t abuse the pin selector which is made from flexible plastic.

But all-in-all, it’s a solid performing dumbbell that’s great for beginner and advanced lifters alike!

You can find the cheapest here.

What do you think about the PowerBlock Elite EXP?

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions! You can find my details on the “contact us” page.

You may also be interested in the downloadable Kalibre Blueprint PDF which details exactly how I gained 40lbs of lean muscle (it’s 100% free!). It details the exact exercises and nutrition (with printable worksheets) I used to go from skinny to ripped!

Thanks for reading guys!

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