How Much PowerBlocks Weigh, Which Ones Are Expandable, And How To Add Extra Weight To Maxed-Out Models

How much powerblocks weigh and how to add extra weight

With so many models past and present in the PowerBlock line-up, it can get a bit confusing when trying to choose the right weight. This post explains how much PowerBlock dumbbells weigh and how you can add extra weight to fully-loaded PowerBlocks.

PowerBlocks weigh between 24 to 175lbs (10 to 80kg) per dumbbell. Their weight increments go up by 2.5 to 7.5lbs (1 to 3.5kg) per dumbbell. The exact weights offered by a PowerBlock will depend on the specific model and whether or not it has been expanded.

Below, I’ll share the research I did before buying my own PowerBlock Elite EXP dumbbells (link for my hands-on review).

This reveals exactly how much each model weighs.

Hopefully, it’ll give you a better idea of how heavy PowerBlocks go!

How much the Powerblock Elite and other models weigh.

How Heavy PowerBlock Dumbbells Go

The PowerBlock line of dumbbells has a wide variety of weight features, depending on the model you’re interested in.

As such, I feel that a comparison table is the best way to illustrate weight differences.

Here’s how heavy each PowerBlock goes and details on the weight settings for each dumbbell:

PowerBlock ModelNumber Of Dumbbells ReplacedHandle WeightMaximum WeightAdder WeightsWeight IncrementsExpandable?
Classic 50*910lbs50lbsNone5lbsNo
Classic 70*245lbs70lbs2.5lbs2.5lbsNo
Elite 50 USA16-285lbs50-90lbs2.5lbs2.5lbsYes
Elite 50 EXP16-285lbs50-90lbs2.5lbs2.5lbsYes
Sport 2483lbs24lbsNone3lbsNo
Sport 50910lbs50lbsNone5lbsNo
Sport 50 EXP16-285lbs50-90lbs2.5lbs2.5lbsYes
Pro 3284lbs32lbsNone4lbsNo
Pro 50205lbs50lbs2.5lbs2.5lbsNo
Pro 50 EXP16-285lbs50-90lbs2.5lbs2.5lbsYes
Commerical Pro 3284lbs32lbsNone4lbsNo
Commerical Pro 50910lbs50lbsNone5lbsNo
Commerical Pro 90185lbs90lbsNone5lbsNo
Commerical Pro 125 EXP16-2212.5125-175lbsNone7.5lbsYes
* indicates PowerBlock models that have been discontinued.

Next, I’ll go into the details for the different weight settings you can find on different PowerBlock models.

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How Many Dumbbells PowerBlocks Replace

Powerblocks can replace anywhere between 8 to 28 pairs of individual dumbbell weights. The exact number of dumbbells replaced by a PowerBlock will depend on the model. Generally speaking, the expensive EXP models will replace the most dumbbells.

How many dumbbells PowerBlocks replace and how many weight settings there are.

EXP stands for “expandable“. This signifies that a particular base model can be expanded (or upgraded) with more weight settings and heavier weights.

Current EXP models are found in the Elite, Sport, Pro, and commercial Pro series’.

These PowerBlocks are usually the most expensive but give you up to 28 different weight settings once they’ve been fully expanded.

Now compare this with the cheapest non-expandable PowerBlocks in each respective series- the Sport 24, Pro 32, and commercial Pro 32.

These PowerBlocks only offer 8 different weight settings.

Then you have the models that fit in between. These can replace anywhere between 8 to 28 different dumbbells, depending on the exact model chosen.

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The Heaviest PowerBlocks And How Much They Weigh

The heaviest PowerBlock is the commercial Pro 125 fitted with the 175-addon kit, weighing 175lbs (80kg) per dumbbell. The PowerBlock EXPs are the second heaviest PowerBlocks, weighing 90lbs (40kg) per dumbbell. These include the Elite, Sport, and Pro series fitted with stage 2- and 3-addon kits.

The heaviest PowerBlocks.

The commercial Pro series is designed for commercial gyms (as you may have probably guessed!).

As such, they have an extremely high price tag.

The premium cost goes towards what is essentially a bullet-proof adjustable dumbbell that’s built to last years of heavy abuse.

These PowerBlock commercial Pro’s weigh between 32-175lbs (15-80kg) per dumbbell, depending on the model.

Only the PowerBlcok commercial Pro 125 can be upgraded to 175lbs.

The EXP series is designed for home gym use.

As such, they are generally more affordable.

The build quality and max weight may not be as great as the commercial Pro’s; but they certainly pack a respectable punch and are definitely some of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells out there.

EXP PowerBlocks- including the Elites, Sports, and Pros- weigh up to 70lbs (32kg) and 90lbs (40kg) per dumbbell when the stage 2 and stage 3 addon kits have been fitted (respectively).

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How Much The PowerBlocks Adder Weight Inserts Weigh

Some- not all- PowerBlocks come with two chrome adder weights that weigh 2.5lbs (1kg) each. Each adder weight inserts into tubular cavities located at the bottom of each dumbbell handle. The total extra weight provided when both adders have been inserted is 5lbs per dumbbell.

How much the PowerBlock adder weight inserts weigh.

Note: not all PowerBlock dumbbells have this adder weight capability.

Generally speaking, the EXP models are the only PowerBlocks that have adder weights.

The exception to this rule is the discontinued PowerBlock Classic 70 and the Pro 50.

How can you tell which models can and cannot be adjusted with the 2.5lb inserts?

3 signs indicate a PowerBlock dumbbell has an adder weight function:

How to tell a powerblock has adder weights.
  1. Product description states the PowerBlock can be “adjusted with adder weights”.
How to tell if powerblocks have adder weight function.
  1. The PowerBlock can be adjusted in 2.5lb (1kg) increments.
Powerblock adder weight switch.
  1. There is a switch located somewhere on top of the PowerBlock (this locks/unlocks the adder weight chamber).

The PowerBlocks adder weight always weighs 2.5lbs (1kg) per insert (2×2.5lbs = 5lbs (2kg) total per dumbbell).

For more details on how the inserts affect the total weight of the dumbbell, you might be interested in my other post that explains how PowerBlock dumbbells work.

How Much The PowerBlock’s Handle Weigh

The handle in most PowerBlocks weighs 5lbs (2kg) per dumbbell. This is the weight of the handle unit alone and does not include adder weight inserts. Some PowerBlock models may also have handles that weigh as little as 3lbs ( 1.5kg) or as high as 12.5lbs (6kg).

How much each PowerBlock handle weighs.

How heavy the handle unit weighs depends on the particular PowerBlock model in question.

But generally speaking, the weight of the handle unit represents the lowest weight on that particular dumbbell (apart from the 2.5lb adder weight inserts).

You can refer to the PowerBlock Elite EXP color code sticker below for an idea of how the manufacturer assigns their weights to each dumbbell:

PowerBlock Elite EXP color code sticker weight chart.

All of the PowerBlock EXP models (Elite EXP, Sport EXP, and Pro EXP) have a handle that weighs 5lbs per dumbbell.

The PowerBlock non-expandable models (e.g. Sport 24, Sport 50, Pro 32, and Pro 50) have handles that can range from anywhere between 3-10lbs (1.5-4.5kg) per dumbbell.

The commercial Pro 125’s are the exception. Their handles weigh 12.5lbs. This increased weight is because these PowerBlocks are designed for heavy lifters who likely don’t need weights that weigh below 10lbs per hand.

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Are All PowerBlock Dumbbells Expandable?

Not all PowerBlocks are expandable. PowerBlock dumbbells that can currently be expanded include; Elite USA, Elite 50, Sport 50, Pro 50, and the commercial Pro 125. The word EXP after the model name indicates that a particular model can be expanded with more weight using addon kits.

With that in mind, here’s a list of current PowerBlocks that can be expanded:

  • Elite USA.
  • Elite 50 EXP.
  • Sport 50 EXP.
  • Pro 50 EXP.
  • Commerical Pro 125.

Note: not all expandable PowerBlocks are designated with “EXP” (the Elite USA and commercial Pro 125 are the exceptions). But all PowerBlocks that have expandable features will be specified in the product description.

Here are the PowerBlocks that can’t be expanded:

  • Classic 50.
  • Classic 70.
  • Sport 24.
  • Sport 50.
  • Pro 32.
  • Pro 50.
  • Commerical Pro 32.
  • Comerical Pro 50.
  • Commoerical Pro 90.

You may have also noticed that the PowerBlock Classic 50 and 70 are NOT expandable.

These models have since been discontinued and replaced by the newer PowerBlocks which CAN be expanded, added with extra weight, and upgraded.

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Ways To Add More Weight To PowerBlocks And Make Them Heavier

PowerBlocks can be made heavier by adding external resistance. Other than using the manufacturer addon kits, other popular methods to add more weight to a PowerBlock dumbbell include; using resistance bands, homemade steel plate modifications, wrist weights, and micro loading with plate mates.

Here are the methods to make a PowerBlock heavier in more detail:

How to make PowerBlock dumbbells heavier using resistance bands.
  • Use resistance bands. Heavy duty bands like the Undersuns can be looped around your body or the PowerBlock handle itself. Banded squats and deadlifts are a great examples of how bands can be looped around the body to add resistance. Banded dumbbell presses are an example of how bands can be looped around the dumbbell.
How to make PowerBlock dumbbells heavier using steel plates.
Courtesy of Reddit user (no name).
  • Homemade steel plate modifications. Steel plates can be attached to your PowerBlock Elites and Sports (not Pros) using magnets to add 10lbs+ to each dumbbell. I’ve not personally tried this but it’s worked for people on Reddit. I’d recommend using neodymium magnets like these FindMags Neodymium is the strongest magnet available. These All Star magnetic steel plates can also be purchased cheaply from Amazon. The All Star plates are 6″x6″ which is just a teeny bit wider than the PowerBlock frame. Please use this method at your own risk!
  • Wrist weights. These wrap around your wrists to effectively add weight to your lifts. The Fragraim wrist weights can go up to 10lbs per hand. That’s not too much weight added to your PowerBlocks (I prefer using bands). But it’s safe, convenient, and affordable.
  • Plate mates. These are magnetic micro loading plates that are usually used on hex dumbbells and barbell plates. But they can also be used on PowerBlock Elites and Sports. They won’t work on the Pros since they have a urethane outer layer. Just as with wrist weights, they don’t add a whole lot of weight and I prefer using bands instead. But they’re convenient and affordable.

Disclaimer: I’ve only tried and would recommend the resistance band method. Pound for pound, allows you to add the most resistance. Additionally, it’s cheap and safe! Please use the other methods at your own risk and exercise caution!

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Interested In Getting PowerBlocks?

Other than the PowerBlock website itself, I found Amazon to provide the most competitive pricing and fastest delivery.

I wasn’t a fan of PowerBlocks limited delivery options; no international shipping and slow delivery times.

So I bought my PowerBlocks from Amazon.

Having tested dozens of other brands and models, I feel the PowerBlock Elite EXPs to offer the best value for money!


I’ve explained how much PowerBlocks weigh, how heavy they go, and how to add extra weight to fully-maxed models.

Depending on the specific model, PowerBlock dumbbells can weigh between 24-175lbs (10-80kg). That’s the total weight of the handle, adder weights (if applicable), and weight plates combined.

Some PowerBlock base models- not all- can also be expanded using manufacturer addon kits to increase the weight to 70lbs, 90lbs, or 175lbs.

If that weight is insufficient, you can also try my 4 methods to add extra weight to your PowerBlock dumbbells!

How much do the PowerBlocks you intend to buy weigh?

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