Undersun Vs Other Bands: A Comparison Study To Find Out Which Brand Makes The Best And Highest Quality Resistance Band

Undersun vs other bands

Deciding which resistance bands to buy can be a nightmare. There are so many brands to choose from! I had my eyes on the Undersun resistance bands for a long time. But I was unsure if they were in fact the best brand to get. This post shares the research that helped me decide between Undersun vs other bands, and which is the best brand.

Undersun is currently one of the best resistance bands. Compared to other popular brands, Undersuns have a relatively high percentage of positive reviews, are frequently praised for their build quality, and have a low likelihood of snapping.

In the end, I took the plunge with the Undersuns over their competitors.

I’ve been using them for 2 years now and can’t recommend them enough.

Below, you’ll find two competitor comparison studies I conducted that helped me confirm the Undersuns are in fact a good buy.

Hopefully, the studies will give you enough evidence to choose for yourself!

Let’s jump right in.

I conducted a review study between undersun and other band companies to find out which is the best and highest quality.

Undersun Vs Closest Competitors Overview

Here’s how the Undersun bands stack up against its closest competitors based on personal testing.

Customer Review Study: Who Makes The Highest Quality Bands?

Undersun Fitness makes one of the highest quality resistance bands. They have a high ratio of good to bad reviews which indicates a strong degree of customer satisfaction. Additionally, these bands have one of the lowest incidences of snapping and breaking.

Details of my study between Undersun and other resistance band brands to find out which is the best and highest quality.

I conducted a simple study to conclude that the Undersun bands are one of the best on the market.

This study involved sampling the Amazon reviews for a variety of popular resistance band manufacturers, including Undersun:

Resistance Band BrandTotal Units Sold On AmazonGood:Bad Review Ratio
Iron Infidel4,97048:1
* = based on first-party data by the respective brand (unreliable).

Here’s what each metric means:

  • Total units sold on Amazon were determined by looking at the total number of reviews for that product. A higher number indicates greater popularity.
  • Good:bad review ratio indicates how many positive reviews there are for every negative review. The greater the number the higher the resistance band quality based on customer opinion.
  • Starred (*) numbers indicate data obtained not from Amazon (because they aren’t listed there) but from the manufacturer’s website itself. Thus, this first-party data is most likely positively skewed by the manufacturer (i.e. unreliable).
Undersun has a relatively high percentage of positive vs negative reviews which suggests they are one of the best and highest quality.

You can see that whilst Undersun resistance bands have relatively few units sold, their products seem to be some of the highest quality on the market.

This is based according to customer feedback (excluding Rogue and Clench Fitness due to unreliable data).

If you are interested, you can find the cheapest Undersun price here.

Or you can check out my hands-on Undersun review test here!

Keyword Study: Who Makes The Highest Quality Bands?

I backed up my customer review study with a keyword study.

This involved trawling each review for each resistance band and calculating the percentage of people who mentioned pre-defined keywords that indicate quality (or indeed a lack of):

Resistance Band Brand“Snap/Snapped”“Break/Broke”“Comfortable”“Quality”
Iron Infidel0.4%0.4%0.1%6.2%
* = based on first-party data by the respective brand (unreliable).

Here’s what each metric means:

  • Snap/snapped. A negative keyword indicates low durability for the resistance band.
  • Break/broke. Another negative keyword indicates a short lifespan for the resistance band.
  • Comfort/comfortable. A positive keyword indicates the resistance band is pleasant to use.
  • Quality. Another positive keyword indicates good quality materials and construction.

I used Amazon’s “filter positive/negative reviews” function to make sure the data was a fair representation of the customer’s meaning.

For example, I didn’t want a positive review saying “the bands haven’t snapped” to be misrepresented as a negative just because it had the “snapped” keyword in there.

Just like the previous study, starred numbers (*) indicate unreliable first-party reviews direct from manufacturer websites.

I've tested the Undersun resistance bands for 2 years and can confirm they are durable and do not break.

The Undersun resistance bands don’t have the highest percentage of customers who mentioned them being high quality or comfortable.

However, what the Undersuns DO have is the lowest incidences of resistance band snapping and breaking versus the other resistance band manufacturers.

In other words, the Undersun bands seem to be one of the most durable and longest-lasting resistance bands on the market compared to other brands.

To me, that’s a sign of a high-quality band!

If you are interested, you can find the cheapest Undersun price here.

Undersun Vs Bodylastics Bands

Undersun resistance bands are generally better than Bodylastics. Although the Bodylastic bands have more units sold, their products have a slightly lower customer satisfaction compared to Undersun. Bands made by Undersun are also less likely to snap.

Undersun vs bodylastics resistance bands comparison to see which is the better brand.

The study results reveal that customers are generally more satisfied with Undersun resistance bands compared to the Bodylastic bands.

This is despite more Bodylastics units being sold globally compared to Undersun.

However, this is to be expected due to the low price point of Bodylastics.

The higher number of total units sold is also the likely reason why more customers mention the positive keywords “good-quality” and “comfortable” compared to Undersun.

Overall, the Undersun bands seem to be stronger, longer-lasting, and more durable than the Bodylastics bands.

Bodylastics is a good resistance band brand for beginners and those looking for a budget model.

But ultimately, the Undersun bands (link for the cheapest price) are generally superior.

If you’re interested, you can check out my other post to find out what the strongest and weakest resistance band colors are!

Undersun Vs WODFitters Bands

Undersun resistance bands are of a higher quality compared to WODFitters bands. The latter brand has a significantly higher number of unsatisfied customer reviews compared to the former. Additionally, Undersun bands are less likely to snap and break versus WODFitters.

Undersun vs WODfitters resistance bands comparison to see which is the highest quality.

My study results reveal that Undersun has over twice the volume of good reviews for every bad review, compared to WODFitters resistance bands.

This is despite WODFitter bands selling more global units versus Undersun.

That’s crazy to think when you consider that WODFitter resistance bands are also more expensive compared to Undersun.

My study also indicates that WODFitter resistance bands are 4 times as likely to snap and break.

The verdict is clear in my opinion.

WODFitters is not the best brand considering the low customer satisfaction, low durability, and high price point of their resistance bands.

The Undersun bands (link for the cheapest price) are much better.

WODFitter bands follow a color-coding scheme like a lot of models on the market. You can check out my other post for an explanation of what the color code means on resistance bands!

Undersun Vs Rogue Bands

Undersun and Rogue both make high-quality resistance bands. Both brands have high customer satisfaction, a low rate of snapping, and plenty of units sold globally. However, Rogue is a more established and reputable company than Undersun.

Undersun vs Rogue resistance bands comparison to see which is the better brand.

The first thing to point out is that the customer review data for the Rogue bands is unreliable in my study since they were taken directly from their website where they can moderate all reviews.

That being said, there are some things we do know about Rogue.

Rogue is a very good brand that has a long heritage in the weight training industry. Many of their products are highly acclaimed and they have a very good reputation.

Therefore one can assume their resistance bands are also of good quality.

Regarding which is better- Rogue vs Undersun bands– this is subject to debate although Rogue has the longer heritage.

Some people think Undersun bands are better.

“[Undersuns] feel even better than the Rogue ones.”

Eric, Amazon

Yet others disagree and think Rogue bands offer higher quality.

“The materials are a cheaper [than Rogue]”

Anonymous, Amazon

I went for the Undersuns simply because they are MUCH cheaper than the Rogue bands.

But ultimately, both are good brands.

Undersun Vs X3 Bands

Undersun resistance bands are generally better for the average person compared to the X3 bands. This is due to the significantly lower price of the former. However, the X3 can be suitable for someone who needs barbell functionality from their resistance bands.

Undersun vs x3 bands comparison to see which is the better quality brand.

I struggled to find any worthwhile customer reviews for the X3 band set.

But from researching Youtube and blog reviews, it seems like they’re an over-glamourized resistance band set with bar functionality.

Based on my research, I don’t feel X3 is a bad brand per see.

But I do feel their resistance band set is very expensive for what you get.

For a fraction of the price, you can get the Undersun bands (which are very durable) and a separate bar system on Amazon.

This combined with the lack of customer reviews for the X3 dissuaded me from purchasing this product.

I would rather stick with the Undersun resistance bands (link for the cheapest price) instead!

Undersun Vs Sunpow Bands

Undersun resistance bands are superior to Sunpow bands. The Undersuns have a higher percentage of positive customer reviews, are less likely to snap, and are made from higher-quality materials compared to the Sunpow resistance bands. However, Sunpow has sold more total units.

Undersun vs Sunpow resistance bands comparison to see which is the best quality.

Unfortunately for Sunpow, the clear-cut winner (for me) is Undersun.

The Undersun bands have a greater volume of positive customer reviews for every bad review, are around 5 times less likely to snap, and have more people mention comfort and quality, compared to Sunpow.

Both share a similar circular loop-style design.

In the grand scheme of things, Sunpow is not a bad brand. Their resistance bands mostly have good feedback.

However, they’re simply not on the same level of quality as the Undersun resistance bands (you can find the cheapest price here)!

All of the resistance band brands in this study come as a set. You can check out my other post to find out why it’s always best to have more than one resistance band in your arsenal!

Undersun Vs TRX Bands

Undersun and TRX both make good products. Both brands receive a lot of positive customer reviews about quality and comfort, and also have a low rate of breaking. However, they are not comparable since the former is a resistance band and the latter is a suspension trainer.

Undersun vs TRX comparison to find out which is the better brand.

Resistance bands are supposed to add linear variable resistance to your exercises (think of a chest press with bands).

In contrast, suspension trainers are designed to give you more angles to push/pull your body weight.

As expected, the TRX band has almost no incidences of breaking.

That’s because they’re made from a heavy-duty inter-woven fabric that is naturally more durable than latex rubber.

TRX is a good brand. Their products have been on the market for decades and often feature in commercial gyms.

Undersun is also a good brand as indicated by the evidence presented so far.

But the two products themselves serve different functions so cannot be fairly compared!

Undersun Vs Clench Bands

Undersun and Clench Fitness resistance bands are both generally good. Both products have a high percentage of satisfied customers, low incidences of snapping, and the materials are made from high-quality rubber. But Undersun is more popular and has sold more units.

Undersun vs Clench Fitness comparison to see which is the better quality resistance band.

Important to note here is that the data from Clench Fitness is taken directly from their website.

As you know, this brings into question how reliable their reviews are.

My study revealed the Clench bands received an unusually high volume of positive reviews per bad review.

Additionally, there were no comments anywhere about the clench bands breaking/snapping.

This may sound like a good thing.

However, speaking from experience and research, even the best resistance bands can snap (so is it a “too food to be true” kinda thing?)

That being said, I’ve never tested the Clench bands…

So they could be excellent

But I decided to go with the Undersun bands (you can get the cheapest price here) because they’re more reputable and it was less of a gamble in terms of quality.

Undersun Vs Iron Infidel Bands

The resistance bands made by Undersun are better than Iron Infidel. Although the majority of reviews are positive and customers often mention the high-quality material in both brands, the Undersun bands are less likely to snap and break compared to Iron Infidel.

Undersun vs Iron Infidel resistance bands comparison to see which is the highest quality.

From the outset, the Undersun and Iron Infidel bands seem to be similar.

So similar, that you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re generic copies of each other (i.e. same manufacturers but rebranded differently).

Indeed, the volume of positive reviews for both resistance bands is similar.

However, a deeper look at customer reviews suggests the Undersun resistance bands are slightly more durable than the ones from Iron Infidel.

More specifically, there seem to be more instances of the Iron Infidel bands snapping compared to the Undersun bands.

For this reason, I decided to choose the Undersun bands (you can find the cheapest price here) despite their horrible orange color (just my opinion)!

Conclusion: How Undersuns Compare To The Other Brands

I rounded up the most popular resistance band brands on the market and conducted a review study of Undersun vs other bands.

This research helped me make sure that the Undersun bands I was interested in, were actually the best brand to buy.

My study looked at customer review volume (positive and negative), overall build quality, and the likelihood of the band snapping or breaking.

The results of my study confirmed that the Undersun bands are some of the best on the market right now.

Hopefully, I’ve shared enough evidence to back up my claims.

I bought a set for myself and highly recommend them!

What do you think about the Undersun resistance bands?

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions! You can find my details on the “contact us” page.

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Thanks for reading guys!

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