How Much Should Dumbbells Cost? The Data You Should Know To Avoid Being Ripped Off!

How much should dumbbells cost?

The dumbbell market is HUGE! And it can be frustratingly difficult to navigate this market without knowing what’s a reasonable price to pay for your dumbbells. So if you’re a beginner, wondering how much dumbbells should cost, then this article is for you.

On average, a pair of dumbbells cost between $100-600. Spinlock dumbbells average $100 for a pair, seletorized dumbbells average $500 for a pair, and fixed-weight dumbbells average over $1000 for a set. The exact price depends on dumbbell brand, weight, and material.

I’ve spent the last 2 years locked down at home and trying different types of dumbbells.

So I have some pretty useful research and experience to share with you.

Be sure to check out my 5 ninja tips for buying used dumbbells, at the end of the article.

Hopefully, it will help you make a more informed decision regarding your dumbbell purchase!

Let’s jump straight in.

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3 Factors Affect The Cost Of Dumbbells.

Shopping for dumbbells can be a real headache. There seems to be a gazillion different brands and models!

But there’s good news.

Dumbbell prices are mostly influenced by 3 factors:

  • Dumbbell type.
  • Weight.
  • Material.

When you understand how these factors affect dumbbell price, it becomes less difficult to navigate the market with ease and choose the ideal set of dumbbells for your needs.

Here’s what you need to know when deciding if the price of your potential dumbbells is worth it.

1) Certain Dumbbell Types Are More Expensive Than Others.

Costs of different dumbbell types.

Dumbbell type is the first factor affecting the cost of dumbbells.

Here are the 3 main types of dumbbell weights on the market:

  • Plate-loaded adjustable dumbbells are the cheapest (around $100 per dumbbell). Most commonly take the form of spinlock dumbbells. These comprise a simple cast iron handle with threaded sleeves on either end. Simply add/remove weight plates to form your desired poundage. They are the cheapest dumbbells, but they don’t usually offer heavy poundages and are also slow to use.
  • Selectorized adjustable dumbbells are moderately priced (around $400-$600 per dumbbell). They may seem expensive at first. But they replace up to 16 pairs of dumbbells in a single unit. This makes them pound for pound some of the best value dumbbells you can buy. They feature advanced pin or dial mechansisms that allow you to rapidly change weight for quick workouts.
  • Fixed-weight hex dumbbell sets are the most expensive ($1000+ for a set). Each dumbbell is a solid one-piece unit and has a specified weight. Although the individual dumbbells have a low price, you need multiple dumbbells to complete a set. This makes them some the most expensive dumbbells you can buy, but they are also very durable.

You can check out my other post to find out which kind of dumbbell I think is best and why!

2) Heavier Dumbbells Cost More.

Dumbbell weight is the second major factor affecting the cost of dumbbells.

In general, the heavier the dumbbell, the higher the cost.



Bundled shipping costs are one of the main reasons why dumbbells seem expensive.

In other words, the cost of shipping is factored into the final dumbbell price.

Therefore manufacturers and retailers should offer free shipping (and most do).

So watch out for hidden shipping costs from dodgy retailers!

Why are dumbbell expensive.

Cost per pound is the simplest way to determine how much each dumbbell type should cost for its weight.

So how much do dumbbells cost per pound on average?

Cost per pound varies with different types of dumbbells. Selectorized dumbbells cost approximately $7 per pound, plate-loaded dumbbells cost approximately $4 per pound, and fixed-weight dumbbells cost approximately $3 per pound. The price differences are due to different manufacturing procedures.

cost per pound for different types of dumbbells.

In general, you get what you pay for with dumbbells.

This means heavier, more intricate, and more durable dumbbells are most often more expensive.

3) Dumbbell Material Affects Cost.

Dumbbell material is the third-factor affecting dumbbell price.

Here are the main materials used to make dumbbells:

  • Iron, steel, and/or aluminium. This gives your dumbbell a strong structure. Many modern dumbbells use metal as the underlying material and apply a synthetic outer protective coat. Older spinlock dumbbells are usually made from cast iron and left un-coated.
  • Rubber, urethane, and/or neoprene synthetic. This protects your dumbbells from corrosion, and also reduces damage when dumbbells are dropped on belongings. Some of the cheaper dumbbells are made entirely from rubber or urethane.
  • Plastic and cement. Only the cheapest of dumbbells are made entirely from plastic. Some also feature cement-filled plastic weight plates. Either way, I would stay away from these. They can be good for causal beginners, but they won’t last long!
What makes a good dumbbell?

The best dumbbells are made from metal and coated in a synthetic (or powder-coated). They are durable, good-looking, and safer than lifting bare-metal dumbbells.

Uncoated cast-iron dumbbells are cheap and are also very durable. They just don’t look as nice as coated dumbbells and can be more abrasive to your property when dropped.

The above will both cost around $3-7 per pound (a good benchmark price for dumbbells).

Plastic dumbbells are the cheapest, and often cost less than $3 per pound.

They can be great for casual beginners, but you’ll almost certainly have to replace them at some point.

That’s because they’ll either break or you’ll outgrow their limited weight.

What’s A Good Price For Selectorized Dumbbells?

The dumbbell market is currently dominated by selectorized adjustable dumbbells.

They seem expensive at first, but remember they also give you access to lots of weight increments.

If you buy a pair that’s heavier than your current needs, they’ll last you most of your training journey.

The below table shows you how much selectorized dumbbells should cost.

The prices are for brand new dumbbells at different weights and budget ranges.

BrandModelPriceMax WeightCost Per Pound
PowerblockElite w/ Stage 3 Addon$62790lbs$6.90
Ativafit71.5 Adjustable$57171.5lbs$7.99
Netfitboss90 Adjustable$54990lbs$6.10
MX-5555 Adjustable$49955lbs$9.00
PowerblockElite w/ Stage 2 Addon$47870lbs$6.82
Bowflex Selectech 552i$39952.5lbs$7.60
Core Home FitnessFlagship Model$34950lbs$6.98
Ativafit27.5 Adjustable$21927.5lbs$7.90
Skonyon25 Adjustable$16025lbs$6.40

Selectorized dumbbells are a cost-effective way to build muscle at home when combined with an adjustable bench. You can check out my other article for 7 of the best dumbbell bench recommendations here.

How Much 70-90lb Selectorized Dumbbells Should Cost.

70-90lb selectorized adjustable dumbbells should cost around $550 brand new for a pair.

Of course, the exact price will vary depending on weight and brand.

Here are my recommendations for 70-90lb selectorized dumbbells:

  • Premium choice- Powerblock Elite with Stage 3 add-on kit ($627/90lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Netfitboss 90lb selectorised dumbbells ($549/90lbs).
  • Budget choice- Powerblock Elite with Stage 2 add-on kit ($478/70lbs).

The Powerblock Elite series’ (link for the cheapest price) is by far my best recommendation.

These are the dumbbells I personally use, and they also have great reviews across multiple platforms (Amazon, Reddit, Quora, etc).

The base unit weighs 50lbs and costs $329 (at the time of writing).

But you have the option to add the stage 2 kits and stage 3 kits which take the dumbbell to 70lbs and 90lbs, respectively.

They are some of the cheapest and most reputable and heavy adjustable dumbbells you can get.

If you’re looking for a cheap pair of 90lb adjustable dumbbells, then the Netfitboss dumbbells will be a better alternative.

But the brand itself does not have much reputation and the reviews are scarce.

If you’re interested, you can check out my other post to find out my best dumbbell recommendations for men here!

How Much 50-70lb Selectorized Dumbbells Should Cost.

A good price for 50-70 pound selectorized dumbbells is $450.

50-70lb selectorized adjustable dumbbells should cost around $450 brand new for a pair.

From my experience, this weight range also offers the greatest price variety.

It’s possible to get some very cheap dumbbells in this weight range, but the reviews aren’t great.

So make sure you do your own diligent research!

Here are my recommendations for 50-70lb selectorized dumbbells:

  • Premium choice- Ativafit 71.5 selectorized adjustable ($571/71.5lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- MX-55 selectorized adjustable ($499/55lbs).

Ativafit and MX-55 are awesome mid-range brands for dumbbells that pack a punch (weight-wise).

Although they aren’t the heaviest dumbbells, they will be fine for most people.

Neither will break the bank either.

These Bowflex Selecttech dumbbells are extremely popular and very reasonably priced for the brand.

But there are too many negative reviews for my liking.

A lot of people report mechanical issues (like the internal weight selection mechanism failing).

That being said, Bowflex is the OG of selectorized dumbbells and there are also many people who use them without any issues.

UPDATE: I’ve since bought a set of Bowflex 552 dumbbells and found them to be awesome! I’ve been using them for over 2 years now and they haven’t shown any durability issues.

How Much 20-50lb Selectorized Dumbbells Should Cost.

A good price for 20-50 pound selectorized dumbbells is $250.

20-50lb selectorized adjustable dumbbells should cost around $250 brand new for a pair.

Again, there’s a lot of pricing variability in this weight range, so do your own research.

Here are my recommendations for 20-50lb selectorized dumbbells:

  • Premium choice- Core Home Fitness selectorized adjustable ($349/50lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Ativafit 27.5 selectorized adjustable dumbbell ($219/27.5lbs).
  • Budget choice- Skonyon 25 selectorized adjustable ($160/25lbs).

There are lots of cheap brands in this weight range, but all the dumbbells mentioned above have great reviews.

They are cheap but they’re also rather limited in weight.

Check out my other article to find out if adjustable dumbbells are worth it!

What’s A Good Price For Spinlock Dumbbells?

Spinlock dumbbells are the granddaddy of adjustable dumbbells.

Many still exist on the market, but they are quickly being overshadowed by the more modern selectorized dumbbells (see above).

Most of them weigh around 20-50lbs per dumbbell (with increments). These are the cheapest spinlock dumbbells you can get.

Heavier spinlocks also exist, but they can be quite expensive.

The below table shows you how much spinlock dumbbells should cost.

BrandModelPriceMax WeightCost Per Pound
Rogue FitnessDumbbell Handle w/ 80lb Plates$46490lbs$5.16
Rep Fitness52.5 Adjustable Dumbbells w/ 40lb Addon$38085lbs$4.47
Rogue FitnessDumbbell Handle w/ 60lb Plates$34870lbs$4.97
Rep Fitness40 Adjustable Dumbbells w/ 2x40lb Addon$25060lbs$4.17
Rep Fitness52.5 Adjustable dumbbells$22052.5lbs$4.20
Movotop66 Adjustable Dumbbells$10033lbs$3.03
Amazon BasicsAdjustable Dumbbells$4020lbs$2.11

How Much 70-90lb Spinlock Dumbbells Should Cost.

A good price for 70-90 pound spinlock dumbbells is $380.

70-90lb spinlock dumbbells should cost around $380 brand new for a pair.

These are rare and therefore have price tags that match their exclusivity.

Here are my recommendations for 70-90lb spinlock dumbbells:

  • Premium choice- Rogue dumbbell handle with 80lb bumper plates ($464/90lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Rep Fitness 52.5 adjustable dumbbells with 40lb add-on set ($380/85lbs).
  • Budget choice- Rogue dumbbell handle with 60lb bumper plates ($348/70lbs).

In general, I would advise against spinlock dumbbells at these poundages.

Yes, they’re heavy.

But for the price, they don’t provide many weight increments.

This will make it more difficult for you to progress in your weight training (since smaller weight increments are easier to handle and vice versa).

Go for a pair of selectorized dumbbells instead!

How Much 50-70lb Spinlock Dumbbells Should Cost.

A good price for 50-70 pound selectorized dumbbells is $300.

50-70lb spinlock dumbbells should cost around $300 brand new for a pair.

Again, spinlock dumbbells at these weights are rare, which explains their price tag.

Here are my recommendations for 50-70lb spinlock dumbbells:

  • Premium choice- Rogue dumbbell handle with 60lb bumper plates ($348/70lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Rep Fitness 40 adjustable dumbbells with 2x40lb addon set ($250/60lbs).
  • Budget choice- Rep Fitness 52.5 spinlock dumbbells ($220/52.5lbs).

I would advise spending a bit more money on getting a pair of selectorized dumbbells instead (as per above) at this weight range.

How Much 20-50lb Spinlock Dumbbells Should Cost.

A good price for 20-50 pound selectorized dumbbells is $100.

20-50lb spinlock dumbbells should cost around $100 brand new for a pair.

Spinlock dumbbells are most popularly made in this weight range.

Many are extremely affordable and great for beginners.

Here are my recommendations for 20-50lb spinlock dumbbells:

  • Premium choice- Rep Fitness 52.5 adjustable dumbbells ($220.00/52.5lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Movtotop 66 adjustable dumbbells ($100/33lbs).
  • Budget choice- Amazon Basics adjustable dumbbells ($40/20lbs).

There are a lot of spinlock dumbbells in the 20-50lb range.

Ideally, choose a set that is made from cast iron for the greatest durability.

Personally, I would not spend anything over $150 for a pair of spinlock dumbbells in this weight range.

If you do some hunting, there are many great models for under $150.

I would also check some used alternatives too (see end for 5 ninja used-buying tips).

Used cast-iron spinlock dumbbells are a great investment since you don’t need to worry about their durability (they are almost indestructible!).

Go to my other article to find out if you should get home dumbells or gym membership!

What’s A Good Price For Fixed-Weight Hex Dumbbells?

Fixed-weight dumbbells aren’t as popular as adjustable dumbbells.

Mainly because they’re extremely expensive and take up a lot of space (remember you need an entire set).

Just to give you an idea of the cost of a dumbbell set:

A full set of fixed-weight dumbbells will cost between $1000 to $3000. The price varies depending on the brand, maximum weight, and weight increments. Dumbbells sets with heavier weights and more increments cost more than dumbbells with lighter weights and fewer increments.

The below table shows you how much a set of fixed-weight dumbbells should cost.

BrandModelPriceMax WeightCost Per Pound
Rogue FitnessHex Dumbbell Set$33755-100lbs$3.02
Rep FitnessRubber Hex Dumbbell Set$32995-100lbs$3.14
Torque FitnessHex Dumbbell Set$31505-100lbs$3.00
Rep FitnessRubber-Grip Hex Dumbbell Set$22005-75lbs$3.67
Rep FitnessRubber Hex Dumbbell Set$19995-75lbs$3.30
Torque FitnessHex Dumbbell Set$17955-75lbs$2.99
Rogue FitnessHex Dumbbell Set$11005-50lbs$3.24
Rep FitnessRubber-Grip Hex Dumbbell Set$9995-50lbs$3.60
Amazon BasicsHex Dumbbell Set$8105-50lbs$3.00

How Much 5-50lb Fixed-Weight Dumbbells Should Cost.

5-50lb dumbbells should cost around $1000 brand new for a set.

Here are my recommendations for 5-50lb dumbbell sets:

  • Premium choice- Rogue Fitness hex dumbbell set ($1100/5-50lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Rep Fitness rubber-grip hex dumbbell set ($999/5-50lbs).
  • Budget choice- Amazon Basics hex dumbbell set ($810/5-50lbs).

These can be a great addition to a home gym.

Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you have the space and money first!

I wouldn’t worry too much about the durability concerns associated with buying budget brands here.

Fixed-weight dumbbells are all very durable, and there’s less room for manufacturing faults (unlike selectorized dumbbells).

That being said, go for Rep Fitness and Rogue Fitness if you can afford them!

Both companies make very good dumbbells.

You won’t be disappointed!

How Much 5-70lb Fixed-Weight Dumbbells Should Cost.

5-70lb dumbbells should cost around $2000 brand new for a set.

Here are my recommendations for 5-70lb dumbbell sets:

  • Premium choice- Rep Fitness rubber-grip hex dumbbell set ($2200/5-75lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Rep Fitness rubber hex dumbbell set ($1999/5-75lbs).
  • Budget choice- Torque Fitness rubber hex dumbbell set ($1795/5-75lbs).

See above notes for 5-50lb fixed-weight dumbbell sets.

How Much 5-100lb Fixed-Weight Dumbbells Should Cost.

5-100 pound hex dumbbells

5-100lb dumbbells should cost around $3200 brand new for a set.

Here are my recommendations for 5-100lb dumbbell sets:

  • Premium choice- Rogue Fitness hex dumbbell set ($3375/5-100lbs).
  • Mid-range choice- Rep Fitness rubber hex dumbbell set ($3299/5-100lbs).
  • Budget choice- Torque Fitness hex dumbbell set ($3150/5-100lbs).

See above notes for 5-50lb fixed-weight dumbbell sets.

Find out if dumbbells are worth buying in my other article!

Used Dumbbells Can Be A Bargain!

So far, I’ve only given the prices for brand new dumbbells.

But the second-hand dumbbell market is also buzzing.

In fact, many people buy their dumbbells brand new, only to find them sitting in the closet (probably because they chose the wrong dumbbell in the first place).

This gives you a great opportunity to snap a bargain.

How To Buy Cheap Dumbbells For Your Home Gym - Smart Shopping For Your Home Gym - Budget Home Gym

So how much should used dumbbells cost?

In general, used dumbbells cost 20-40% less than brand new dumbbells. Some brands and dumbbell types depreciate more than others. Selectorized adjustable dumbbells show the greatest rate of depreciation, followed by spinlock dumbbells. Fixed-weight dumbbell sets depreciate the least.

Here’s what you need to know when buying used dumbbells.

A Good Price For Used-Dumbbells Is 20-40% Less.

I did some market research to determine what is a good price for used dumbbells.

Basically, I compared the prices of new vs used dumbbells and calculated the % depreciation.

Here’s what I found:

BrandModelDumbbell TypeDepreciation
AmazonBasics SpinlockSpinlock75%
Netfitboss90lb AdjustablesSelectorized58%
Skonyon25lb AdjustablesSelectorized43%
Bowflex SelecTech 552Selectorized37%
Ativafit71.5 AdjustablesSelectorized36%
Core Home FitnessFlagship modelSelectorized28%
YorkChrome Adjustable DumbbellsSpinlock24%
Multiple BrandsHex Dumbbell SetFixed-Weight24%
PowerblockElite SeriesSelectorized20%
RogueDumbbell Handle + PlatesSpinlock20%
  • Used selectorized dumbbells depreciate the most.

Used selectorized dumbbells cost around 40% less than their brand-new counterparts.

However, Powerblocks are the exception- they tend to keep their price better at 20% average depreciation.

  • Used spinlock dumbbells depreciate less than selectorized dumbbells but more than hex dumbbells.

Spinlock dumbbells cost around 25% less than their brand new counterparts.

  • Used hex dumbbells seem to depreciate the least.

Fixed-weight hex dumbbells cost around 20% less than their brand-new counterparts.

  • Premium brands showed the least depreciation compared to budget brands.

Regardless of dumbbell type, it seemed that brand is important. Premium brands that are backed by strong reviews (like the Powerblocks) seem to hold their value much better than cheaper, less reliable models.

In general, you should aim for around 20-40% cheaper than new, when buying used dumbbells.

5 Ninja Tips To Buy Used Dumbbells.

Here are some ninja tips to help you on your journey to buying bargain used dumbbells:

Tips to buy used dumbbells

1) Negotiate within 20-40%.

Most sellers overprice their initial selling offer (can’t blame them can you).

Now that you know how much the average dumbbell depreciates, you also know where you stand with negotiations!

If you don’t know, then you can re-read the above section…

Find out the price for the dumbbell brand new, then take 20-40% to establish a reasonable haggle price.

A seller will be more open to negotiation if your proposal is not absurd.

Some sellers are more lenient than others, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

2) The market is dynamic, be patient!

The used-dumbbell market is highly dynamic.

This means used dumbbells are being bought and sold every day.

So don’t worry if your primary target is snapped up by another buyer.

Or if the seller is so annoyed at your haggling that he/she blocks you…

Just be patient.

Chances are that the same model will pop up again within a few months.

This is especially true for popular brands like Powerblock, Bowflex, York, etc.

And if your missed opportunity doesn’t reappear, then there are great alternatives you can go for instead.

3) Be careful of hidden faults.

This is especially important for selectorized and spinlock dumbbells (hex dumbbells are pretty much bulletproof).

Ideally, you should check out the dumbbell in person.

But if you can’t, then make sure you get as many close-up photos as possible.

Selectorized dumbbells have sensitive internal moving parts.

So make sure the weight-select mechanism works smoothly. IT SHOULDN’T FEEL CLUNKY OR GET CAUGHT.

Be careful buying cheap spinlock dumbbells because the threads can chip very easily.

Likewise, heavily used spinlock dumbbells can have chipped threads. This leads to loose locking nuts.

4) Make sure you’re getting the weight you’re expecting.

Imagine expecting a pair of 100-pound dumbbells on each hand, only to find it’s actually 50 pounds on each hand…

The feeling is as disappointing as getting socks for Christmas.

Many sellers (even retailers) mis-advertise the weight of their dumbbells.

For example, they will advertise 2x50lb dumbbells as “100lb dumbbells”, thereby misleading the buyer.

Be diligent to avoid disappointment.

5) Make sure the dumbbellset is complete.

Some selectorized dumbbells have removable parts (e.g. the selector pin on Powerblocks).

Additionally, some third-party retailers also have the nerve to sell their dumbbells as singles.

This means you’ll only receive a single dumbbell through the post when you were expecting a pair of dumbbells….

Who the hell even uses just 1 dumbbell?!

Likewise, spinlock dumbbells have removable locking nuts and plates.

If the seller isn’t clear about the set being complete, you may be dealing with a dodgy seller.

Go to my other article to find out what dumbbell weight you should get!

The Best Place To Buy Dumbbells.

From my experience, here are the best places to buy dumbbells new and used:

  • Amazon is great for budget brands. Amazon dumbbells are great for casual beginners. They aren’t the best quality, but they sure as hell are affordable (and usually well worth the money). Turn on wathclist notifications to get notified of cheap dumbbells for sale.
  • Authorised retailers can sometimes be cheaper. Rep fitness, Rogue, Walmart, American fitness, etc are all highly reputable retailers. Smaller retailers will also sometimes sell their dumbbells $10-30 below RRP. For the UK folks, try Mirafit and Fitness Superstore.
  • Direct from manufacturer is safest. This route gives the safest guarantee for market price without fear of dogy dealings, late shipment, and voided warranties. It can be cheaper to buy direct from the manufacturer since there is no price upmark.
  • Ebay is awesome for used-dumbbells. Remember when I said the used-dumbbell market is buzzing? Ebay is one of the most popular platforms for selling used dumbbells. There are lots of great offers on a monthly basis.
  • Craigslist and Mercari have lots of cheap dumbbells. The seller fees are lower here compared to ebay, so chances are you’ll also find cheaper dumbbells!
  • Facebook marketplace also has cheap dumbbells. Just like Craigslist and Mercari, lot’s of bargains can be found on Facebook marketplace. Facebook isn’t great with seller protection though, so be careful. Paypal transfer is a must.

Check out my other article to learn about the differences between dumbbells and other free weights!

An Affordable Dumbbell Recommendation

Unless you’re an advanced bodybuilding gym veteran with a lot of space at home, I’d always recommend getting yourself a good pair of selectorized dumbbells. They offer the greatest balance in cost, weight, and convenience.

I use and recommend the Powerblock Elites.

Having researched over a dozen different selectorized dumbbells, these offered the greatest value for money in my opinion.

They are the cheapest of the premium heavy selectorized dumbbell brands but still have reviews that are 95% positive.

Each dumbbell weighs 50lbs but you have the option to upgrade to 70lbs and 90lbs whenever you’re ready. This means you don’t have to splash all your cash in one go. Instead, you can upgrade them when and if required.

And at 90lbs max capacity, this is more than enough weight for most people training at home.

Additionally, they’re one of few dumbbells that offer 2.5lb increments.

This is great for progressive overloading on small exercises like dumbbell curl and lateral raise, were adding more than 5lb per dumbbell can often be too much for most people.

The best price for the Powerblock Elites can be found here.

If you’re from the UK, then the Powerblock Pros (link for cheapest price) are the cheaper alternative. They’re essentially the same as the Elites, but they’re coated in urethane.

If you want the best dumbbell for the cheapest price, then the Yes4All spinlock dumbbells can be delivered quickly from Amazon here.

For more information on how to gain muscle at home with dumbbells, you can check out my other article on how to build a dumbbell-only home gym. It provides more details on the Powerblocks and includes a full training program.

Best Dumbbells Recap


Now you know how much dumbbells should cost!

With so much variety in the market, prices are also highly variable.

But in general, adjustable dumbbells should cost between $100-700 and fixed-weight hex dumbbells should cost between $1000-3000.

These are wide approximations.

In reality, a dumbbell’s price will be heavily influenced by dumbbell type, weight, and material.

These prices are also for brand new dumbbells.

If money is tight, then great bargains can be found on marketplaces like eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist.

Used dumbbells should cost 20-40% less than their brand new counterparts.

How much are you looking to spend on dumbbells?

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions! You can find my details on the “contact us” page.

You may also be interested in the downloadable Kalibre Blueprint PDF which details exactly how I gained 40lbs of lean muscle (it’s 100% free!). It details the exact exercises and nutrition (with printable worksheets) I used to go from skinny to ripped!

Thanks for reading guys!

Peace Out,


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