7 Of The Best Dumbbell Weight Bench Ranked

Best dumbbell weight bench

A good weight bench unlocks a wealth of exercises you can perform with your dumbbells at home. But with so many different types of benches out there, which is the best value for money dumbbell weight bench?

The Flybird FB149 adjustable bench is the best weight bench for home dumbbell training. It’s reasonably priced, comfortable, stable, and the 700lb weight capacity is enough for even the heaviest dumbbells. It can also be folded and stowed away after a workout.

Having recently been in the dumbbell bench market myself, I would like to share my own research and experience with you.

You may currently have dumbbells but no bench, or you might be trying to build a dumbbell home gym.

Either way, this article will help you choose the best dumbbell bench for your needs.

I’ll also reveal the dumbbell I personally use.

Let’s go!

Quick Lowdown Of The Best Dumbbell Weight Bench

Here’s a summary of my dumbbell bench candidates ranked from best to worst:

Dumbbell BenchWeight CapacityFolding# 5* User ReviewsPrice
Flybird FB149 Adjustable Bench700lbsYes12,127$$
Fitness Reality Supermax XL850lbsYes1,178$$$
REP Fitness AB3000 Bench1000lbsNo295$$$$
Titan Fitness Single Post FID Bench1500lbsNo35$$$$
Marcy Bench With Leg Developer600lbsNo1,956$$$
CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench500lbsNo1,127$$$
Amazon Basics Flat Weight Bench400lbsNo3,008$

In the end, I bought the Flybird.

Next, I’ll explain what I like and dislike about each dumbbell bench.

Before we proceed, you can check out my other article if you’re unsure about whether or not you need a workout bench with your dumbbells.

Flybird dumbbell bench.

1) Flybird FB149 Adjustable Bench

My personal recommendation: best-selling Amazon bench with excellent reviews and user feedback. Provides all the functions you would need from a dumbbell bench, at all training levels, and at an extremely affordable price.

Weight Capacity:700lbs
Bench Weight:26lbs
Angle Adjustment:7x, flat, incline, decline
Unfolded Dimensions:49″x15″x45″
Folded Dimensions:30″x9″x16″


  • Feature-packed for the price.
  • Relatively high weight capacity for price.
  • Fast adjustments make for quicker workouts.
  • Stable and comfortable for dumbbell workouts at all training levels.


  • Unsuitable for people outside of 5’7″ to 6’0″.
  • Some users have reported instability at 500+lb loads (not me).
  • Foot grips aren’t great for heavy barbell training but ok for dumbbell training.

Who is it for:

Beginner to intermediate lifters who want a good value for money folding dumbbell bench that’s also suitable for barbell training. Can be used for light and heavy dumbbell and barbell workouts equally well.

You might also be interested in my other article on my dumbbell recommendations for beginners.

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

Having researched over a dozen workout benches, this is the one I chose to buy for my dumbbells.

And I don’t regret it one bit!

“Pretty much perfect for a home dumbbell workout”

JB, Amazon.

When it comes to all-around value for money, the Flybird FB149 (see the full review here) packs a lot for its price tag.

The 700lb weight capacity (including your body weight) is more than capable of handling any dumbbell weight you throw at it.

Flybird workout benches can be used with both dumbbells and barbells.

I regularly use this bench with my 90lb Powerblock dumbbells and have also tested it to 550lbs with a barbell.

It feels stable and I have no doubt about Flybird’s stated weight capacity.

The padding is not the thickest, but it’s enough to provide a comfortable surface to lay on (even when lifting heavy poundages).

The Flybird dumbbell weight bench is easy to assemble.

It’s extremely easy to assemble and ready to be used with your dumbbells within 10 minutes of unboxing.

The backrest and seat can be set at flat, incline, and decline settings, allowing you to perform a variety of dumbbell exercises that target the entire body.

The bench press, incline press, shoulder press, sit-ups, flyes, split squats, box squats, etc can all be performed nicely with this bench.

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench Review - 1 Month Later | GamerBody

The best thing about this bench though is its convenience.

The angle adjustment settings are quick, slick, and intuitive to use.

It can also be folded into a compact unit and stowed away after your dumbbell workout.

Check out my other article to find out if Flybird benches are a good buy!

Flybird bench seat can be too high for short people to dumbbell bench press.

The only major downside to this bench is the seat height and backrest length

The seat sits quite high from the floor at 20″, and this can make it hard for people under 5’7″ to plant their feet on the ground during the incline dumbbell press.

To be honest, I’m 5’6″ and I don’t find it that big a deal (I just plant my feet on the footrest). But others find it annoying.

Likewise, the backrest is quite short and this can be uncomfortable for people over 6’0″ whose heads can bang the ground during the decline dumbbell press and sit-up.

You can get the Flybird delivered quickly to your door from Amazon (link for cheapest price).

Fitness reality dumbbell workout bench.

2) Fitness Reality Supermax XL 2000

A great alternative for people who are too short or tall for the Flybird. The seat doesn’t sit too high from the floor, the backrest has a good length, it has a high weight capacity, and it can also be folded.

Weight Capacity:850lbs
Bench Weight:65lbs
Angle Adjustment:7x, flat, incline, decline
Unfolded Dimensions:70″x11″x52″
Folded Dimensions:54″x11″x24″


  • Comfortable ergonomics for people outside of 5’7″ to 6’0″.
  • High-weight capacity can handle any dumbbell weight.
  • Fast angle adjustment mechanism for quicker workouts.


  • Quite bulky in the folded and unfolded state.
  • Difficult to move and transport.
  • Not as stable as the Flybird.

Who is it for:

Beginners and intermediates who are too short or tall for the Flybird adjustable bench. If you’re in the “sweetspot” for the Flybird, get that instead of the Fitness Reality!

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

The Fitness Reality bench is basically a bigger version of the Flybird with small design differences.

As such, this bench is also great for home dumbbell workouts.

It can be set at flat, incline, and decline angles, meaning you can do pretty much any dumbbell exercise with it. And the slot adjustment mechanism is quick and easy to use.

“Feels solid, no wobble at all with 100lb dumbbells”

Chris B, Amazon.

The high weight capacity of 850lbs also means it can handle any dumbbell weight you would use now and in the future.

It can even be used for barbell training should your workouts change in the future.

This makes the bench very versatile.

But where this bench really shines are its dimensions.

Unlike the Flybird, the Fitness Reality is comfortable for short, tall, and average people alike.

Review: Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max Budget Home Gym / Garage Gym Workout Bench

Overall, the Flybird has much better reviews. But if you’re on the shorter/taller side, then the Fitness Reality will provide a more comfortable lifting experience.

My only gripe with this bench is that it’s quite immobile and cumbersome to transport.

Not only is it quite bulky both in the folded and unfolded state (making it less stowable too), it’s also quite heavy and can only be moved in the unfolded state by lifting the seat-end and rolling it on its wheels.

This isn’t an issue if you intend to keep the bench in a stationary position.

But could be a nuisance if you need to be frequently moving your bench around.

You can get the Fitness Reality bench on Amazon (link for cheapest price).

Rep fitness dumbbell gym bench.

3) REP Fitness AB3000 Adjustable Bench

Commerical-gym quality dumbbell weight bench at a competitive price point. If you want a premium high-quality weight bench for home dumbbell training that can also be used for heavy barbell workouts, then this is for you.

Weight Capacity:1000lbs
Bench Weight:95lbs
Angle Adjustment:7x, flat, incline, decline
Unfolded Dimensions:54″x23″x56″
Folded Dimensions:N/A


  • Feels and functions like a weight bench you would find in a commercial gym.
  • Very stable and can be used for extremely heavy dumbbell and barbell training.
  • 10 year warranty with few cases of mechanical failure.
  • Latch adjustment mechanism makes for quick angle adjustments.


  • $300 price tag is not ideal for beginners.
  • Relatively immobile and best kept in the same location.
  • Overkill for beginner stages of dumbbell training.

Who is it for:

Intermediate to advanced lifters who lift heavy dumbbells and barbells, or those who intend to do so in the future.

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

From my knowledge of its construction materials and from user reviews, this bench is built like a tank.

It will handle almost any weight you can throw at it.

And this makes it a great dumbbell bench if you’re on the heavier side (i.e. over 250lb body weight) and/or want to lift heavy dumbbells (i.e. over 90lbs per dumbbell) at home.

“Everything I was expecting. With my dumbbell set, I’m only limited by my imagination when it comes to workout variety.”

Anthony S, REP Fitness Website.

The sturdiness of this bench also makes it ideal if you do heavy barbell lifting or intend to do so in the future (by heavy, I mean barbell loads over 250lbs).

This makes it extremely future-proof.

That said, for the average Joe lifting dumbbells at home, this bench can be a bit overkill and the benches described elsewhere in this article will do the job perfectly fine without breaking the bank.

It’s also a bulky piece of kit, weighs a lot, and will likely need to be sat in the same spot.

You can find the AB300 on the REP Fitness site (link for cheapest price).

Titan fitness dumbbell gym bench.

4) Titan Fitness Single Post FID Bench

A cheaper alternative to the REP Fitness dumbbell bench. Extremely sturdy with good angle adjustment features, but the ease of assembly has negative reviews.

Weight Capacity:1500lbs
Bench Weight:71lbs
Angle Adjustment:6x flat, incline, decline
Unfolded Dimensions:57″x25″x53″
Folded Dimensions:N/A


  • Extremely sturdy and stable.
  • Fast angle adjustment changes.
  • Single post design allows you to take a narrow or wide foot plant.
  • Can be used for heavy dumbbell and barbell training alike.


  • Only has a 1 year warranty. Acceptable on the cheaper benches but not on a premium bench like this.
  • Shiny leather backrest and seat not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Overkill for just dumbbell training.

Who is it for:

Intermediate to advanced lifters who lift heavy dumbbells and barbells, are happy with a 1 year warranty, and don’t want to pay the extra 40 bucks for the REP AB300 (REP bench is better).

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

This is essentially the same bench as the REP AB300 mentioned above.

They’re both premium adjustable benches that are built with sturdiness in mind.

In my opinion, the extra 40 bucks are well worth paying for the REP AB300.

Judging by the reviews, the AB300 is much easier to assemble and you also get a 10 year warranty.

Nevertheless, the Titan bench is still extremely well-built and I’ve not seen any comments for major manufacturer faults.

And if you like the black leather or simplistic design on this bench, you might choose this over the AB3000.

It’ll handle any dumbbell weight you throw at it, and more.

You can buy the Titan bench on their website (link for cheapest price).

Marcy dumbbell workout bench.

5) Marcy Adjustable Bench With Leg Developer

A good all-around adjustable dumbbell bench with a leg extension/curl function. This is a great feature since it can be difficult to isolate the quadriceps and hamstrings using just dumbbells.

Weight Capacity:600lbs
Bench Weight:51lbs
Angle Adjustment:6x, flat, incline, decline
Unfolded Dimensions:65″x23″x42″
Folded Dimensions:N/A


  • Leg developer function is innovative and unique.
  • Can handle heavy dumbbells and light barbells equally well.
  • Great bench for people under 6’0″.


  • Assembly can be difficult.
  • Leg developer has a side bolt that can scrape the inside of your knee.
  • Decline position can cause an uncomfortable back arch.

Who is it for:

Beginner to intermediate lifters who want a sturdy dumbbell workout bench that also allows for effective hamstring and quadriceps isolation exercises.

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

Overall, this bench is a solid performer for home dumbbell workouts.

The 600lb weight capacity isn’t the highest, but enough for heavy dumbbell training.

“I use fairly heavy dumbbells to work out with it. It’s very stable, I’ve never had a problem with it moving around on me.”

Michael M, Amazon.

The main selling point for this bench is the leg developer.

This is designed to isolate your leg muscles.

In my opinion, this is a great feature since leg curls and extensions can be difficult to perform at heavy poundages without some sort of machine or contraption to facilitate the movement.

Of course, there’s always the option for dumbbell squats and deadlifts.

But the inherent weight limitation of dumbbells (compared to barbells) limits the strength gains you can get from these dumbbell leg exercises.

This issue is solved by the leg developer which allows you to effectively isolate the hams and quadriceps with a relatively high weight.

You can buy the Marcy bench on Amazon (link for cheapest price).

Cap workout bench for dumbbells.

6) CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

A sturdy dumbbell bench that can handle almost all dumbbell weights. But it cannot be folded and a lack of foot anchor and decline setting means you can’t do decline sit-ups.

Weight Capacity:500lbs
Bench Weight:46lbs
Angle Adjustment:7x, flat, incline
Unfolded Dimensions:53″x27″x46″
Folded Dimensions:N/A


  • Low seat height is great for shorter people.
  • Sturdy bench for heavy dumbbell exercises.
  • 500lb weight capacity is understated and can handle closer to 600lb according to reviews.


  • Not foldable and requires significant floor space to use and store.
  • Backrest indentation unsuitable for those with wide shoulders.
  • Automatic adjustment bolt can be fidgety to use.
  • No decline setting or foot anchor.

Who is it for:

Beginner to intermediate lifters under 5’7″ who intend to do heavy dumbbell workouts at home to build muscle. If you can spend the extra 30 or so bucks, the Fitness Reality provides more features.

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

The CAP bench’s sturdy build and low seat height make it great for people under 5’7″ to train with heavy dumbbells at home.

 “Im a heavy guy and this bench supports me + 140lbs of dumbbells well. Get this bench.”

Matthew B, Amazon.

If you’re of average height, then the Flybird is the better dumbbell bench in my opinion.

But if you’re on the shorter side, then it’s a choice between this CAP bench and the Fitness Reality.

Indeed, this bench shares many of the same perks as the Fitness Reality bench.

However, the Fitness Reality offers more features in general: namely decline settings, better backrest dimensions, foldability, and a higher weight capacity.

The main reason you should choose this bench over the Fitness Reality is if you really can’t afford to spend the extra 30 bucks for the Fitness Reality.

Nevertheless, if you would rather save those 30 bucks, then the CAP bench is still a great bench for dumbbell training.

It’s just that the Fitness Reality offers more bang for the buck.

You can get the CAP bench on Amazon (link for cheapest price).

Check out my other article to learn about typical weight bench dimensions and what size a weight bench should be.

Amazon flat bench for dumbbells.

7) Amazon Basics Flat Weight Bench

A cheap and cheerful basic flat dumbbell bench. Performs fine for absolute beginners and casual lifters looking to improve general fitness, but serious lifters should consider a better bench.

Weight Capacity:400lbs
Bench Weight:24lbs
Angle Adjustment:1x, flat
Unfolded Dimensions:41″x11″x18″
Folded Dimensions:N/A


  • One of the cheapest weight benches you can buy.
  • 400lb capacity is not bad for the price.
  • Overall reviews are positive.


  • Flat benches don’t allow you to hit all your muscles.
  • Serious lifters will outgrow the weight capacity very quickly.
  • Narrow backrest is unsuitable for those with broad shoulders or a wide torso.

Who is it for:

Beginners and casual lifters under 250lb body weight who are interested in light to moderate dumbbell workouts for general fitness.

Why it’s a great dumbbell weight bench:

No recommendation guide would be complete without a budget option for those who just need a basic job done without breaking the bank.

And that’s exactly what the Amazon bench is.

You shouldn’t expect too much from a weight bench at this price point.

But what basic features this dumbbell bench does have, it seems to perform generally well.

“Great for light dumbbell workouts, and a great bench for any beginner.”

Timazon, Amazon.

You can use this bench for flat bench exercises like the dumbbell flat bench press, seated shoulder press, chest flyes, reverse flyes, dumbbell pullovers, split squats, and box squats.

Just be careful to not exceed more than 50lbs per dumbbell.

And definitely go for a more sturdy bench if you weigh over 250lbs.

Otherwise, you might find the bench buckling under the weight!

You can get the Amazon Basics bench delivered to your door quickly here (link for cheapest price).

If you’re interested in a flat bench, you can check out my other article to find out average flat bench prices!

The Perfect Dumbbells For Your Weight Bench

Great so you’ve chosen the ideal weight bench (pssst it’s most likely to be the Flybird).

But what if you also need a pair of dumbbells?

I use and recommend the Powerblock Elite series (link for cheapest price).

The basic model comes in at 50lbs per dumbbell which is more than enough weight for a beginner.

But you can also upgrade to 70lbs and 90lbs using the stage 2 and stage 3 addons (enough for intermediate and advanced lifters respectively) whenever you’re ready.

This buying flexibility is awesome because it means you don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars for a heavy dumbbell from the get-go, but you still have the option to upgrade later should you wish.

These dumbbells also feature small 2.5lb/5lb increments which allow for smooth weight progression.

For the $300 price tag, you actually get great value since they replace up to 28 pairs of individual fixed-weight dumbbells (which would cost you well over $1k).

You can find my hands-on testing of the PowerBlock Elite here.

They’re comfortable to use, the weight adjustment mechanism is slick, and they come with a 10-year warranty.

Powerblock also shows the smallest value depreciation of all the dumbbell brands, should you wish to sell later.

They’re perfect companions for the weight benches mentioned in this article.

If your budget is tight, then the Yes4All spinlock dumbbells are equally heavy.

But the large weight increments make it hard to progress onto heavier weights because you’ll often struggle with the large poundage jumps.

For a better idea for current dumbbell prices, you can check out my other article to learn how much dumbbells cost. Or see this article to find out the ideal dumbbell weight for your needs.

Product Recap


That’s 7 of the best dumbbell weight bench on the market.

I chose to buy and would highly recommend the Flybird FB149 (link for user reviews).

It offers the perfect balance between cost, weight capacity, stability, angle adjustment, comfort, and ease of assembly.

It’s equally ideal for general fitness, toning, and muscle-building at home.

But the other 6 benches also have their own individual merits so you should make a decision based on your own personal needs!

Which dumbbell bench do you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading guys!

Peace Out,


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