How Much Do Adjustable Dumbbells Cost And Are They Worth The Money? Find Out In This Price Comparison Study!

How much adjustable dumbbells cost

With so many different brands and models of adjustable dumbbells on the market, how do you know how much they should cost? And are they even worth the money? This post examines just that question.

Adjustable dumbbells cost on average $1.50-4.00 per pound of weight. A good pair of adjustable dumbbells should cost around $100-350, depending on whether it is a spinlock or selectorized dumbbell. Brand, build quality, and weight settings also affect the final cost of an adjustable dumbbell.

I’ve spent the last 5 years testing adjustable dumbbells in my home workouts.

During this time, I’ve tried budget models, premium models, and those in between.

Below, I share my research on how much you should be paying for adjustable dumbbells so you can avoid being ripped off!

I researched and tested different adjustable dumbbells to find out how much they should cost.

Different Types Of Adjustable Dumbbells Have Different Costs

Adjustable dumbbells can be categorized as spinlock and selectorized. Spinlock dumbbells change their weight by adding or removing weight plates from the handle. Selectorized dumbbells adjust weight using a selector mechanism that selects a weight and leaves the remaining weight plates behind.

Therefore both types of weights consist of a single dumbbell unit that contains multiple weight settings.

They only differ through the WAY they change their weight.

The table below summarizes the benefits of spinlock vs selectorized adjustable dumbbells:

Spinlock Adjustable Dumbbell BenefitsSelectorized Adjustable Dumbbell Benefits
Significantly cheaper than selectorized dumbbellsOften offer more weight settings and increments than spinlock dumbbells
Much more durable than selectorized dumbbellsFaster adjustment mechanism compared to spinlock dumbells
Weight plates can be stacked for more convenient storageMany models feature a synthetic outer coating that protects the dumbbells and your floor
Spinlock adjustable dumbbell features and price.

1) Spinlock Dumbbells Are Cheaper

Spinlock dumbbells- also called “screw-collar dumbbells”- are the old-school OG adjustable dumbbell.

They comprise a threaded steel bar and separate weight plates (often cast iron or plastic-coated cement).

From here, you can change dumbbell weight by adding/removing weight plates and locking them in using a screw collar.

Their simple design explains why they are the cheapest adjustable dumbbells on the market.

The average cost of spinlock adjustable dumbbells is around $120.

Selectorized adjustable dumbbell features and price.

2) Selectorized Dumbbells Are More Expensive

Selectorized dumbbells are the modern type of adjustable dumbbells.

They comprise a single dumbbell unit that houses multiple weight plates.

From here, you use the built-in adjustment mechanism to alter the weight on the dumbbells.

This adjustment mechanism varies between brands and models.

The common types of selectorized dumbbell mechanisms include:

  • Dial-a-weight. Turn a knob on the side of each dumbbell to increase/decrease weight.
  • Handle-twist. Twist the dumbbell handle to increase/decrease weight.
  • Pin-selector. Insert a pin into the desired weight setting to increase/decrease weight.
  • Switch-selector. Slide the switch to select the desired weight.

The more complex design of these dumbbells explains why they are the most expensive adjustable dumbbells on the market.

The average cost of selectorized adjustable dumbbells is around $360.

Next, I dive deeper into how much spinlock/selectorized adjustable dumbbells cost at different price categories, and give you examples from the biggest online retailer.

Spinlock Adjustable Dumbbell Price Examples

Below, you’ll find 9 price examples of how much spinlock adjustable dumbbells cost.

I took these samples from the biggest and most competitively-priced online retailer (hint: their name begins with an “A”).

I also replaced each dumbbell’s name with its price category and description.

That’s because retailers don’t like bloggers quoting prices for exact brands/models, since prices are subject to frequent market fluctuations.

Here are 9 examples of how much spinlock adjustable dumbbells cost and what you get for that money:

Adjustable Dumbbell
Weight Range Per Dumbbell# Of
Weight Settings
Weight IncrementsCostCost
Per Lb
Budget #1
40lb Black plastic spinlock
1 to 20lb
(0.5 to 10kg)
32.5 to 7.5lb
(1 to 3.5kg)
Budget #2
66lb Black plastic spinlock
1.5 to 33lb
(0.5 to 15kg)
52.8 to 5.5lb
(1.5 to 2.5kg)
Budget #3
38lb steel spinlock
3 to 19lb
(1.5 to 9kg)
32.5 to 5lb
(1 to 2.5kg)
Mid-range #1
50lb iron spinlock
4 to 25lb
(2 to 11kg)
33 to 7.5lb
(1.5 to 3.5kg)
Midrange #2
40lb steel and cast iron spinlock
5 to 20lb
(2.5 to 13kg)
32.5 to 5lb
(1 to 2.5kg)
Midrange #3
60lb cast iron spinlock
5 to 32.5lb
(2.5 to 15kg)
51.25 to 5lb
(0.5 to 2.5kg)
Premium #1
105lb cast iron spinlock
5 to 52.5lb
(2.5 to 25kg)
71.25 to 5lb
(0.5 to 2.5kg)
Premium #2
105lb cast iron spinlock
5 to 52.5lb
(2.5 to 25kg)
71.25 to 5lb
(0.5 to 2.5kg)
Premium #3
105lbs cast iron spinlock
5 to 52.5lb
(2.5 to 25kg)
71.25 to 5lb
(0.5 to 2.5kg)
Average:3 to 34lb
(1.5 to 15kg)
52 to 5.5lb
(1 to 2.5kg)

And here’s a brief description for each metric:

  • Spinlock adjustable dumbbell name- I’ve replaced the dumbbell names with their price category (budget, midrange, or premium) and a brief description of each dumbbell (for reasons stated above).
  • Weight range- the minimum to the maximum weight which the spinlock dumbbell can adjust. Adjustable dumbbells with a wider weight range often cost more money.
  • Number of weight settings- how many weight increments the dumbbell offers. The handle alone weighs between 2.5 to 5lbs. As such, I’ve included the handle as their own unique weight increment. For example, a dumbbell handle that can hold 4 weight plates on each side would be considered to have 5 total weight settings (1 bar + 4 weight plates). Adjustable dumbbells with more weight settings often cost more money.
  • Weight increments- the weight that separates one weight setting to the next. For example, if a dumbbell gives you 5, 10, 15, and 20lbs weight settings, then it’s said to go up in 5lb increments. Adjustable dumbbells with smaller weight increments often cost more money.
  • Cost- how much it costs to buy a pair of the specified dumbbells (excluding shipping, addons, and accessories like barbell connectors). This is important because some sellers sell their dumbbells as singles rather than as a pair (sneaky!).
  • Cost per lb of weight- total cost divided by maximum weight in pounds. This gives you a more reliable measure for the value for money offered by each dumbbell. But take this with a grain of salt. That’s because you also have the weight settings below the maximum weight (and some dumbbells have more weight settings than others).

Next, I’ll examine the average cost of spinlock adjustable dumbbells.

You can also check out my other article to find out how much dumbbells should generally cost.

Average Cost Of Spinlock Adjustable Dumbbells

On average, a pair of spinlock adjustable dumbbells costs approximately $120 at $1.65 per pound of weight. However, the price for a specific dumbbell can range from as low as $30 and as high as $220+. Cost is usually affected by the dumbbell weight settings, max weight, and material.

Factors that affect spinlock adjustable dumbbell cost.

Here are general trends for how each factor affects the final cost of spinlock adjustable dumbbells:

  1. More weight settings lead to a more expensive adjustable dumbbell. Weight plates are required to increase the number of weight settings. Since each weight plate requires materials and manufacturing, it also makes sense that more weight plates lead to a more expensive adjustable dumbbell.
  1. Smaller weight increments give a more expensive adjustable dumbbell. Small weight increments require more weight plates. And more weight plates increase cost as per point #1.
  1. High quality materials increase adjustable dumbbell cost. Common spinlock adjustable dumbbell materials include vinyl-coated cement, cast-iron, machined iron, and/or stainless steel (cheapest to most expensive).

A combination of these 3 factors usually determines the final cost of an adjustable dumbbell.

Next, I’ll recommend 3 of the best spinlock adjustable dumbbells you can buy for the money at different price points.

Best Value For Money Spinlock Dumbbells

Usually, the more expensive the dumbbell the better it is.

But this is not always the case.

Sometimes the cheapest adjustable dumbbells can be quite good!

Here are 3 of my favorite adjustable spinlock dumbbells (budget, midrange, and premium):

Yaheetech is a cheap and good budget adjustable dumbbell.

“[The Yaheetech’s are] definitely worth my investment.”

Christian, Amazon
  • Budget: Yaheetech 66lb black plastic spinlock adjustable dumbbell. They don’t give a lot of weight and the plastic casing can crack over long periods of heavy use. But you can’t beat their attractive price. They’re awesome adjustable dumbbells for a beginner to start lifting weights at home!

Yes4all is a good midrange adjustable dumbbell with very reasonable costs.

“[Yes4All] cost was about $1.25 per lb, which is a great deal.”

Peter, Amazon
  • Midrange: Yes4all 50lb iron spinlock adjustable dumbbell. These beefy spinlocks come in a range of models each differing in max weight. They’re hardwearing and will last you for years. They’re suitable for beginners who want a pair of dumbbells that are both durable and affordable.

REP Fitness is a good premium adjustable dumbbell that costs a lot but is very durable.

“Great quality, great price, and fast delivery”

Greg, REP Fitness
  • Premium: REP Fitness cast iron spinlock adjustable dumbbell. Heavy duty adjustable dumbbells that are both durable AND offer a heavy maximum weight. These are great for beginners who intend to get to the intermediate-advanced stages of dumbbell training.

You might also be interested in my other article for the best dumbbells for beginners!

Selectorized Adjustable Dumbbell Price Example

I applied the same market research method to find 9 price examples for how much selectorized adjustable dumbbells cost.

As with the spinlock dumbbell price examples, the brand/model names have been omitted to be in line with retailer policy.

Here are 9 examples of how much selectorized adjustable dumbbells cost and what you get for that money:

Selectorized Adjustable DumbbellWeight Range Per Dumbbell# Of
Weight Settings
Weight IncrementsCostPrice Per Lb
Budget example #1
25lb handle-twist selectorized dumbbell
5 to 25lb
(2.5 to 11kg)
Budget example #2
27.5lb switch-select selectorized dumbbell
5.5 to 27.5lb
(2.5 to 12.5kg)
Budget example #3
25lb handle-twist selectorized dumbbell
2.5 to 25lb
(1 to 11kg)
Midrange example #1
50lb switch-select selectorized dumbbell
10 to 50lb
(5 to 25kg)
Midrange example #2
25lb handle-twist selectorized dumbbell
5 to 25lb
(2.5 to 11kg)
Midrange example #3
27.5lb dial-select selectorized dumbbell
2.5 to 55lb
(1 to 25kg)
102.5 to 5lb
(1 to 2.5kg)
Premium example #1
90lb pin-select selectorized dumbbell
2.5 to 90lb
(1 to 40kg)
282.5 to 5lb
(1 to 2.5kg)
Premium example #2
50lb handle-twist selectorized dumbbell
5 to 50lb
(2.5 to 25kg)
Premium example #3
90lb dial-select selectorized dumbbell
10 to 90lb
(5 to 40kg)
Average:4 to 49lb
(2 to 25kg)

Each metric affects the cost of a selectorized adjustable dumbbell in the same way it affects the cost of spinlock adjustable dumbbells.

For an explanation of each metric, you can refer back to the previous section “Spinlock Adjustable Dumbbell Price Examples”.

Next, I’ll examine the average cost of selectorized adjustable dumbbells.

You may also be interested in my other post which explains why adjustable dumbbells are so expensive.

Average Cost Of Selectorized Adjustable Dumbbells

On average, a pair of selectorized adjustable dumbbells costs approximately $360 at $3.95 per pound of weight. However, the price for a specific dumbbell can range from as low as $140 and as high as $800+. Cost is usually affected by the dumbbell weight settings, max weight, and material.

Factors that affect selectorized adjustable dumbbell cost.

You can see that the price variability between different selectorized adjustable dumbbells is much greater, compared to spinlock dumbbells.

This is mainly because the market for selectorized dumbbells is much greater, with more brands and models for buyers to choose from.

The same general trends were seen spinlock adjustable dumbbell costs can be seen in selectorized dumbbells too:

  1. More weight settings result in a more expensive adjustable dumbbells. See above section titled “Average Cost Of Spinlock Adjustable Dumbbells”.
  1. Smaller weight increments are found in expensive adjustable dumbbells. See above section titled “Average Cost Of Spinlock Adjustable Dumbbells”.
  1. Better materials give rise to more expensive adjustable dumbbells. This is even more pronounced in selectorized dumbbells where there’s a greater variety of manufacturing materials. The most common materials are iron and steel. But this can be coated with different materials like paint, plastic, rubber, and neoprene (from cheapest to most expensive).

Furthermore, the selectorized dumbbell adjustment mechanism is also a unique factor that affects the cost of these dumbbells.

Different brands use different R&D to create their selector mechanisms.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that these selector mechanisms aren’t created equal.

Why premium adjustable dumbbells are worth the extra money compared to budget competitors.

For example, the premium Bowflex Selectech dial-a-weight mechanism feels completely different (better) than their budget competitors that also utilize a similar dial-a-weight mechanism (I’ve owned both).

I’ve owned both.

The Bowflex dial feels a lot smoother, does not get hammed, and generally feels more durable.

Therefore you do get what you pay for when it comes to selectorized adjustable dumbbells.

And having tried them, I wouldn’t recommend the cheap models!

Next, I’ll recommend 3 of the best “good and cheap” selectorized adjustable dumbbells you can buy.

If you’re buying your first pair of dumbbells, then you may also be interested in my other article which explains how to choose the right dumbbell weight for beginners.

A Good Value For Money Selectorized Dumbbell

I’ve tried over a dozen different selectorized adjustable dumbbells- from the cheapest to the most expensive- and here’s one piece of advice I can share:

“Midrange adjustable dumbbells often have a slightly higher cost per lb- but if you choose the right one, you can avoid the poor build quality of the budget models AND having to pay the extremely high upfront cost for owning the best premium models. You get the best of both worlds!”

Kalam Tang, Kalibre Fitness

So the aim of the game is to find the best balance between cost, functionality, and build quality.

Not sure how to choose?

I got you!

Here are 3 of my favorite adjustable selectorized dumbbells (budget, midrange, and premium):

Flybird is a good and cheap adjustable dumbbell that doesn't cost a lot.

“The cost of the [Flybird adjustable dumbbells] was about 2 months of gym payments so I’ve broke even at this point.”

Amazon Customer
  • Budget: Flybird 25lb handle-twist selectorized adjustable dumbbell. The pricepoint of the Flybird hovers between “budget” and “midrange”. And if you’re looking for a budget dumbbell, then I recommend spending the extra few bucks on this Flybird instead. It’s got a good build quality, easy to use, and overall much better than it’s budget competitors. It’s great for beginners to tone their arms and build some muscle at home.

Bowflex 552 is a good midrange dumbbell that has a very reasonable price.

“The price may seem high at first, but think about how much it costs to buy all the [individual] dumbbells you need for a home gym.”

Adam, Amazon
  • Midrange: Bowflex 552 dial-select selectorized adjustable dumbbell. This dumbbell is actually considered by most people to be “premium”. But I’ve noticed Bowflex gradually lowering their prices. So it’s a good time to pick up a bargain! I’ve owned these for over 2 years now and it’s one of the best-selling adjustable dumbbells. It’s a versatile weight for beginners-intermediates to build muscle, tone, and burn fat at home.

Powerblock Elites are the ebst value for money adjustable dumbbells in my opinion.

“My family loves these PowerBlocks. We all can use them and easily switch [between] the weight. The cost was reasonable”

MM, Amazon
  • Premium: Powerblock Elite pin-select selectorized dumbbell. These are the dumbbells I upgraded my Bowflex 552s for and here’s why. The base model is technically considered a “midrange” dumbbell by it’s price tag alone. But this entry-level dumbbell by Powerblock (a premium company) features a lot of Powerblock’s advanced dumbbell design. Therefore it packs a lot for a small price. The best thing about it is that you can upgrade it to 70lbs and 90lbs using the stage 2 and stage 3 addon kits whenever you’re ready. And once fully-equipped, the Powerblock Elite is actually one of the cheapest (and best!) premium 90lb selectorized dumbbells on the market!

If you’re looking to build muscle at home, then a set of heavy 90lb dumbbells will be invaluable to reaching your goal. You can go to my other article to find the 9 heaviest adjustable dumbbells on the market!

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It?

Adjustable dumbbells are worth the money for most people. A good adjustable dumbbell is a cost-effective way for beginners, intermediates, and advanced lifters to train at home. This means the individual can save money and time over the long term by not having to buy a commercial gym membership.

But they’re not for everyone.

Are adjustable dumbbells worth the money decision helper.

Here’s my opinion:

If you’ve never worked out before and are unsure if it’s something you will keep doing, then it may be better to first try the gym for a few months.

If you like it, then invest in some home gym equipment.

There are lots of dumbbells on the second-hand market. And many of these are being sold because the user simply does not use them. Instead, they sit on the shelf gathering dust.

Goes without saying, but this is a waste of money.

Why I think adjustable dumbbells are worth it.

But if you’re committed to building muscle, toning your arms, or just looking to burn some fat at home, then adjustable dumbbells are well worth the money.

Here’s why:

  • Each adjustable dumbbell replaces multiple dumbbell weights. An entire set of fixed-weight dumbbells can easily cost upwards of $800+. Beginners can instead use a single heavy adjustable dumbbell as a cheap standalone home gym. Advanced lifters can use 90lb adjustable dumbbells (the heaviest they currently go) as a cost-effective way to replace the lighter fixed-weight dumbbells in a set and then supplement this with heavy fixed-weight dumbbells (those weighing 100lbs+). For both groups of people, you end up saving money.
  • Adjustable dumbbells can be used to reach most training goals. Depending how heavy your dumbbells are, they can be used to reach all the popular training goals. Muscle building, toning, and fat-burning can all be done with a single pair of heavy adjustable dumbbells. Just make sure you find a good workout program and remain disciplined!
  • Home workouts save time. Traveling and waiting for gym equipment during peak hours drains your time. Home workouts are quick, convenient, and can be done whenever you have an hour to spare!
  • Home workouts are cheaper over the long term. Most adjustable dumbbells cost less than a years worth of gym membership. And you get to keep your dumbbells after!

You might also be interested in my other article for more reasons why adjustable dumbbells are worth it!

Do The General Public Think Adjustable Dumbbells Are Worth The Money?

Based on personal experience, I can 100% say that adjustable dumbbells are worth it if you work out regularly.

But don’t just take my word for it.

For a more rounded opinion, I compiled the responses from these Reddit and Quora forum polls:

And here are the results:

Quora and Reddit poll results to show are adjustable dumbbells worth it.

It turns out 76% of Reddit and Quora users agree that adjustable dumbbells are well worth it!

Best Places To Buy Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells

Amazon is generally the best place to buy brand-new good and cheap adjustable dumbbells. They offer competitive pricing, user-generated reviews, and most of the biggest brands have an Amazon store. Shipping through Amazon is also cheap and fast, and they have great customer support service.

Costco is also a good alternative if you have a membership.

But they don’t offer half the variety as Amazon. They mainly sell big-brand dumbbells.

You shouldn’t completely discount second-hand marketplaces either.

The adjustable dumbbell market is very dynamic. And if you’re patient, you can often find your desired model at a great price in 3-6 months of searching.

Just be aware- you don’t always know how well the dumbbells have been looked after.

This is important because a few things can go wrong with adjustable dumbbells if they aren’t properly cared for:

  • Chipped paint on weight plates. This reveals the underlying metal which can rust if it gets wet.
  • Damaged urethane-coating. The synthetic coating on some weight plates can deteriorate leaving the bare metal underneath. This can cause rust to spread across the entire weight plate.
  • Damaged internal locking mechanism. This applies to selectorized dumbbells which use an internal mechanism to secure the weight plates. These can become faulty and dangerous if the dumbbell is dropped from significant heights.
  • Faulty selector mechanism. Dial-a-weight mechanisms in particular are susceptible to wear and tear which leads to jammed mechanisms that become difficult to use.
  • Worn threads in spinlock dumbbell bars. Poor-quality steel threads can become worn over time and this means the screw collar may not lock properly. This can be dangerous.

You might also be interested in my other article to find out what to look for in adjustable dumbbells.


I’ve explained how much adjustable dumbbells should cost and why they are worth the money.

Roughly speaking, you can expect to pay around $1.50 to $4.00 per pound of adjustable dumbbell weight. And a good price to pay for an adjustable dumbbell is around $100 for a spinlock and $350 for a selectorized dumbbell.

But the market is big, with a lot of variety to choose from.

The exact price you pay will also be affected by the dumbbells’ brand, weight settings, and materials.

If you’re 100% committed to regular workouts, then home adjustable dumbbells are a great investment and well worth your money!

Will you be buying adjustable dumbbells?

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions! You can find my details on the “contact us” page.

You may also be interested in the downloadable Kalibre Blueprint PDF which details exactly how I gained 40lbs of lean muscle (it’s 100% free!). It details the exact exercises and nutrition (with printable worksheets) I used to go from skinny to ripped!

Thanks for reading guys!

Peace Out,


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