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15 Resistance Band Benefits Based On Personal Experience And Backed By Science!

You wouldn’t be blamed for completely disregarding the humble resistance band. After all, the simplistic design must surely be useless for building muscle and losing weight right? Wrong! Below I’ll share 15 resistance band benefits based on my own 3+ years of experience using them.

The main benefits of resistance bands lay in their unique tension profile and their sheer convenience. Tension increases as the bands stretch. This means band movements are hardest towards the top of the motion, allowing them to provide a different stimulus to weights.

Below, I’ll explain how this unique property of bands confers them an array of advantages of weights.

I’ll also share scientific studies which explain why resistance bands are so good!

Resistance Bands Mentioned In This Post

Undersun resistance band set I recommend gives you a lot of training benefits.

I mention and share photos of myself using resistance bands throughout this post.

They are the Undersun bands.

Having tested multiple budget sets before these ones, I can honestly say these are by far the best I’ve tried.

I love how durable they are (they come with a lifetime warranty) and the fact that you get 5 different resistance levels in each set.

These resistance bands will benefit beginners to advanced lifters alike, and allow you to effectively hit small AND large muscle groups.

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1) A Resistance Band Can Work All Muscles

In my opinion, one of the most underrated benefits of a resistance band is the fact that they can effectively work ALL of the muscles in your body.

Yup, you read that right!

Don’t let their simple design fool you the way they fooled me as a beginner.

Speaking from experience, I can say that resistance band workouts can give you just as many (if not more) benefits as a free weight session.

One of the best benefits of a resistance band is it can be used to train the entire body.

By holding the band at different angles, anchoring them at different positions, and looping them around different body parts, you can effectively train every muscle in your body.

Indeed, the most popular free weight movements can be replicated with resistance bands.

A quick online search will return a whole encyclopedia of resistance band exercises that work the full body.

So don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Resistance bands are a convenient way to work your entire body when free weights aren’t an option!

2) Resistance Bands Can Build Muscle, Burn Fat, & Tone

The versatility of a resistance band represents one of its greatest benefits for beginners to advanced lifters alike.

They can be used to achieve all training goals.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these case studies I gathered from Youtube and Reddit which show the results that can be achieved by using resistance band workouts:

Resistance Band Training GoalCase Study EvidenceResults AchievedTimeline
Build MuscleDap713 from RedditGained muscle across the upper and lower body with emphasis on the chest, arms, and shoulders.2 months
Burn Fat & Lose WeightOcean Beer from RedditLost belly fat and reduced full-body cellulite with emphasis on the glutes and legs.3 months
Tone Body & Get RippedAshBoy from YoutubeLost belly fat and increased muscle tone to develop an overall more ripped-looking body.1 month
Follow the links to see the respective case study!

You can see that a resistance band can help you gain muscle, burn belly fat, and tone your muscles.

I’m a casual bodybuilder and I’ve achieved all 3 goals with the help of my Undersun resistance bands (link for the cheapest price).

So if you’re looking to turn a tubby couch body into a shredded athletic body, then resistance bands will benefit you greatly!

3) A Resistance Band Is Less Likely To Aggravate Painful Joints

Here’s a (literal) painful truth for some of us:

We have dodgy joints that are prone to painful flare-ups when lifting dumbbells and barbells.

For me, I went through a frustrating period of shoulder pain that prevented me from bench pressing heavy free-weights.

As a result, my chest workouts took a setback.

Well, one of the greatest benefits of a resistance band is they are what I call “joint-friendly”.

One of the great benefits of using a resistance band is that it's less likely to cause painful joints compared to weights.
Red arrows indicate the range of movement possible.

Unlike free weights, band movements serve low-impact stress on your joints.

Pushing and pulling on a resistance band also gives you much greater freedom of movement compared to a weight machine which restricts the direction of motion to a single plane.

Combined effect?

Resistance bands are less likely to aggravate painful joints and less likely to induce injury.

And as a result, you should experience more enjoyable workouts and achieve your goals faster!

This makes resistance band training ideal for beginners and those recovering from injury.

If you’re new to band training and unsure about how often to use work out, you may be interested in my other article to find out the ideal training frequency for resistance bands.

4) Strength Gains Between Bands Vs Weights Are Similar

If you’ve never used resistance bands, it can be easy to doubt their effectiveness.

I know I did!

But this 2019 meta-analysis found that bands are just as effective as free weights for building muscle and strength.

Here, the authors compiled the results from 7 different studies, each of which analyzed the effectiveness of resistance bands vs free weights.

Resistance bands are just as good as weights for improving strength and building muscle.
Adapted from Lopes et. Al 2019.

Between all 7 studies, different authors analyzed the effectiveness of band training between men and women, loop and tube-style bands, and upper and lower body exercises.

In other words, they were thorough!

They found that resistance band training promoted just as much muscle and strength gains as dumbbells and weight machines.

Therefore one of the best benefits of using a resistance band is simply their sheer effectiveness!

That being said, If your goal is to build muscle, then it’s essential to get yourself a set of bands that have a high tension level.

Your muscles won’t grow unless they’re challenged.

The Undersun bands (get them delivered cheaply here) are ideal for building muscle at home!

5) A Resistance Band Has Superior Convenience

The sheer user-friendliness of a resistance band serves as one of its biggest benefits.

Here are some of the unique advantages of using a resistance band that make it so convenient to use:

  • Extremely portable. They can be used equally effectively in the living room or on the beach.
  • Relatively low cost compared to weights. They provide a similar resistance at a fraction of the price.
  • Relatively safe compared to weights. You won’t injure yourself if a band is accidentally dropped.
  • Very easy to handle. They’re small, flexible, and safe.
  • Can be stored anywhere. You don’t need dedicated storage space for bands, unlike free weights.
  • Extremely lightweight. This means they’re safe and easy to transport.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to use your bands every day or trying to fit in a 15-minute fat-blaster when you can, the convenience of resistance band workouts makes them ideal for everyone.

Additionally, they equally work well for home and travel workouts alike!

6) Resistance Band Workouts Are Easier To Adhere To

The unique advantages of resistance bands mentioned in the previous point are also what make them generally easier to base a workout program around and actually stick to that program.

In fact, this 2010 study found that adolescents following a resistance band routine were less likely to drop out compared to another group following a dumbbell routine.

This suggests beginners might find resistance band workouts to be more enjoyable than using weights (take this finding with a pinch of salt though since it’s measuring a highly subjective metric).

Therefore casual exercisers may find the user-friendly nature of a resistance band to be one of its biggest benefits.

So if you prefer a convenient yet effective workout over a full-blown dumbbell session, then bands may be ideal for you!

Not sure how to use your resistance bands? You can check out my full guide on how to use resistance bands at home!

7) Resistance Bands Are The Cheapest Way To Train

For most of us, cost and expense are a factor to consider in our journey to become fitter.

Let’s face it, we’d all love to join the fanciest gym possible.

But realistically speaking most of us cannot afford the membership or simply don’t feel like it’s worth the money.

The good news is that resistance bands are a cheap and effective way to train.

Take a look at the cost comparison table below for a better idea:

Resistance Training EquipmentTypical Cost For A Full Home Set-Up
Resistance band set$50
Adjustable dumbbells$500
Fixed-weight hex dumbbell set$1000
Kettlebell set$400
Barbell and rack$1000+
Prices are in USD

You can see that one of the biggest benefits of resistance band training is its cost-effectiveness.

They are the CHEAPEST way to train and have the lowest cost per lb of resistance.

In fact, buying yourself a good set of resistance bands like the Undersun bands (link for the cheapest price) is all you need to build muscle, lose weight, and/or tone at home!

8) Specific Body Parts Can Be Defined Using Bands

Most of us dream of having more defined arms or a toned butt.

A great benefit of resistance bands is their ability to add definition and tone to specific muscles.

Here are my favorite resistance band movements to add definition and tone to popular muscles:

Body PartRecommended Resistance Exercise
BicepsBicep curl using a resistance band
TricepsTricep pull-down using a door-anchored band
ChestBanded chest fly
ShouldersLateral raise using resistance bands
Lats and backRows and reverse flyes
GlutesStiff-legged deadlift and banded leg kickbacks
LegsBanded squats and lunges

Why are resistance bands so good at toning and defining muscle?

It comes down to their unique strength curve where the band becomes increasingly harder to push/pull as it stretches.

When they are used correctly (i.e. utilizing a full stretch on a band), this effect makes them great for isolating a great pump on specific muscles like the glutes or biceps.

For a detailed explanation, you can check out my other post to learn exactly why resistance bands are so effective!

9) Resistance Band Movements Also Tone Abs Simultaneously

Your core describes the central torso area where your 6-pack abs are located (or hidden!).

And one of the great benefits of resistance band exercises is that most of them (if not all) will work the core to some degree, on top of the target muscle the exercise was intended to work.

How resistance band exercises also work the abs.


If you’ve ever performed a band exercise, then you’ll know that effort is required to keep your balance and form as you push/pull on a band.

And in most cases, you need to brace your abs to maintain good form.

For example, if you try doing squat using a band, you can feel just how hard your abs need to work in order to keep your back straight.

This means most resistance band exercises will work your abs on top of whichever target muscle that particular exercise was supposed to train!

10) Resistance Bands Improve Strength & Power Output

Football players and powerlifters take note.

Resistance bands will benefit your strength and power gains, and therefore also benefit your overall athletic performance as well as daily function.

This 2016 study found that bands are just as good as weights for improving strength.

Whatsmore, the authors also concluded that combining free weights with bands resulted in the best strength gains.

They compared the bench press power output in two groups of rugby players:

  • Group 1- trained with a barbell bench press only.
  • Group 2- trained with a barbell + band bench press.
Combining resistance band with free weights is the best way to maximise strength and muscle gains.

They found that the participants in group 2 saw the biggest strength gains.

That’s because a resistance band attached to a barbell makes the movement harder at the top. This portion of the bench press movement would actually be the easiest part of the motion had a band not been attached.

Therefore adding a resistance band component to your weight training benefits your overall strength development!

If you’re new to band workouts, you may be interested in my other post which explains the ideal number of reps and sets to do with resistance bands!

11) A Resistance Band Can Help Break Plateaus

It’s not uncommon for intermediate and advanced lifters to hit a plateau once in a while.

This occurs when you’ve reached a point in your strength progression where you can no longer add any more weight and complete your desired rep range.

One of the best benefits of a resistance band is that it works great for breaking these strength plateaus.

As I mentioned above, bands have a unique resistance profile where there’s a constant tension that increases as the band stretches.

And this property can be applied to conventional weight lifting movements (e.g. to increase resistance at the top of a bench press).

This forces you to become stronger at the top of the movement, where this portion of the movement would otherwise become easier compared to the bottom.

The overall result is that bands are extremely effective at helping your muscles adapt to a new stimulus, break strength plateaus, and overcome stagnating gains.

12) Resistance Bands Allow For Versatile Training Angles

Adding variation to your exercises by altering the angle is important for hitting all regions of a target muscle.

For example, the incline press allows you to isolate the upper pecs and the incline bicep curl allows for a better biceps stretch and activation.

Usually, angles are achieved with a bench.

But a bench is bulky, expensive, and unsuitable for most home applications.

One of the great benefits of using a resistance band is they allow you to work in different angles cheaply and effectively.

All you need is a door anchor.

Different angles can be achieved using a resistance band with door anchor and this is just one of the many benefits.

A high-quality anchor is bundled with the Undersun resistance bands (link for the cheapest price).

But door anchors like this Boss can also be bought separately at extremely affordable prices.

Simply attach the anchor to the bottom of a door to generate an incline angle or top of a door for a decline angle. No bench is needed!

Still unconvinced about bands? You can check out my other post for resistance band before and after example transformations!

13) A Resistance Band Is Ideal For Rehabilitative Training

A resistance ban benefits certain demographics where weight training may not be suitable.

These people include:

  • Elderly.
  • Unfit seniors.
  • Overwiehgt and obse people.
  • Post-injury training.

These people often need a training method that is lightweight, safe, and easy on the joints.

Well, an advantage of resistance bands over free weights is that they provide light to heavy resistance in a unique way that doesn’t stress the joints as free weights do.

This makes band workouts ideal for the people mentioned above.

In fact, this 2017 scientific review even proposed resistance bands as an effective way for the elderly to improve mobility, flexibility, balance, and of course strength!

And if bands are fit for grandma to use, there’s no reason for everyone else not to use them!

14) Bands Are Great For Improving Squat Performance

Squats are undeniably one of the best movements to build powerful legs and a shapely butt.

But squats can also be hard to learn.

Valgus knees are common in beginners learning how to squat. This phenomenon describes the caving inwards of the knees as you squat down.

Not only does this increase injury risk, but also decreases squat performance.

How a resistance band can benefit squats by preventing valgus knees.

A great benefit of doing squats with a resistance band looped around the legs is they force you to push your knees outward and combat valgus knees.

Once you’ve become accustomed to this, you will learn to push your knees out even when the bands aren’t there!

This leads to heavier squats, more powerful legs, and better-defined glutes!

15) Resistance Bands Maximize Mind-Muscle Contractions

A mind-to-muscle contraction describes the conscious and deliberate contraction of a muscle.

This might sound obvious.

But a lot of beginners actually lack a good mind-muscle connection.

As a result, they swing their dumbbells aimlessly up and down as well as cheat on their lifts.

Consequently, muscle activation is reduced and training benefits are also diminished.

Resistance bands will help you to train more effectively because their unique resistance profile forces you to develop your mind-muscle connection.

Think about it:

As the band stretches, it becomes progressively harder to push/pull against it. As a result, your mind focuses more and more on pushing/pulling the band.

And the greater this connection, the greater the muscle activation, and the faster you’ll build muscle or lose fat (or both!).

Looking For A Set Of Resistance Bands?

The resistance bands I recommend.

I use and recommend the Undersun bands.

Having tried half a dozen brands before (cheap and premium), these are by far the best in my opinion.

The combined tension from all of the bands in this 5-pack set is enough for even the strongest of bodybuilders.

And they can also be used for all of the applications described in this post!

The best thing about them?

You get a lot of bang for not a lot more buck (compared to budget brands).

You can find the cheapest Undersun price here.


I’ve shared 15 resistance band benefits based on personal experience and backed by scientific research.

Ultimately, resistance bands offer a completely different training dynamic compared to free weights.

Not only are they just as effective, but when used properly, resistance bands can be even better than weights for building muscle and losing weight.

The advantages of bands mainly lie in their unique resistance profile and the sheer convenience of use.

Will you be using resistance bands?

Let me know in the comments!

You may also be interested in the downloadable Kalibre Blueprint PDF which details exactly how I gained 40lbs of lean muscle (it’s 100% free!). It details the exact exercises and nutrition I used to go from skinny to ripped!

Thanks for reading guys!

Peace Out,


(Biochemistry BSc, Biomedical Sciences MSc, Ex-Skinny Guy)

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